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Hello World! -or- The Most Unoriginal Title for a First Blog Entry

Well, I guess calling it "First Post" would be more unoriginal, but less geeky.

So, this is the blog Marianne set up for me to post the pictures I've been taking. Left to my own devices, I'd probably just keep saying "Man, I've got to set up a place to post these." but never get around to it. That said, we'll see how often I actually do update this thing.

So, back to the main reason why we're both here: pictures.

Miles - 8/10/07

I recently decided to take up photography as a hobby. After reading up a bit on how the imps living in my camera know how to paint what I'm looking at, I did some experimenting with our P&S (Point and Shoot) camera and found it to be lacking. After more reading and research, I picked up a spiffy SLR that gives me so many more options to play with.

LuLu - 8/6/07

So, I've been wandering around our house, our yard, and our neighborhood with this thing taking hundreds of pictures. (Let's see... I currently have 1386 images taken in the last month since I got the camera.) Of course, most of them are crap. But that's kind of the point. Since it's all digital, I can try out lots of things to see what works without having to pay for film or getting it developed. (Hmm... Have I dated myself with that statement?) So, when I do have a picture that turns out good, I'll post it up here. That way all 7 readers of this blog can see them.

Ducks - 9/6/07


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