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New Headphones

My headphones at work broke. They've been cracked for awhile now and finally gave up the ghost on Tuesday. I can't really blame them; they lasted for about 5 years. It was urgent that I replace them, though. (Some of my cube neighbors can be loud.) I stopped at Fry's Electronics on the way to work, and found that they had 2 models like my old ones. One was black and expensive, and the other was silver and more expensive. I compared the specs and the only difference was the silver one had neodymium magnets and more wattage. Thinking I would save myself some money, I bought the black ones. But, when I opened them up at the office, I found that the earpieces were smaller than the old ones. Instead of fitting around my ears, they sat on them. Very uncomfortable. These would not do.

I had to go back to Fry's after lunch to trade-up for the silvers. But, oh they were worth it.

I also uploaded the zoo pictures.

Oh, and Google is 9 today.

Happy birthday Google!


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