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More Holga Pics

Flowerbox (Dec 2007)
I took the picture of the flowers first because I thought they'd make a good double-exposure. I found the house-shaped mailbox further down the street.
Deliah was napping in the laundry again. She really likes the basket.Deliah in the Laundry (Dec 2007)
Colorful Miles (Dec 2007)
The Holga has a multi-colored flash. Here, I took 3 exposures of Miles, changing the color of the flash each time. Too bad the blue and yellow overlap so much.
LuLu finally made it to level 3! All that grinding on the world map finally paid off.LuLu @ Level 3 (Dec 2007)
Frederick (Dec 2007)
This is a neighborhood cat we've seen around quite a bit. I call him Frederick, but Peanut calls him Florimel. No clue what his real name is.

And in other news: River Tam is a Terminator!

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