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We'd better get a lot of money out of this

So in case you haven't figured it out yet, my favorite new topic is the huge pain of having to fix everything in the house that was broken when we moved in, plus undo all the changes we made in the last 4 years to make the place a little more fun. Well. Let me just tell you. It's not so easy to make breakfast when your entire kitchen is in PIECES! I'm fiddling with the camera, trying to get some of the pictures I took this morning so I can show them to you, but so far, it's being very stingy.

The cats have been cooped up in the bedroom for an entire day now, meaning they.... are.... BORED!!!!! I got out of the shower to find both of them standing at the bathroom door, waiting to ambush me and make me let them out. It wasn't fun to tell them that it wasn't going to happen. (aHA! I have conquered the camera) Meanwhile, Schondy and I have been sanding/priming/painting for 2 days now. Seeing as how it's President's Day and he has the day off, he's still. painting.

At this point, I'm convinced that we have magical color-changing paint, which means that right now, when the sun is shining, all the paint looks the same color :), but when it's night and the lighting is funny, it magically CHANGES so that some of it is white-ish, and some of it is lemony, and it's very ODD.

Happily, we get lots of light in the kitchen, meaning this will nice and bright and cheerful. And I think I'm going to put some big, pretty sun catcher up in that window over the cabinets. We'll see how it all comes out.

On top of all the paint, we also have all new hardware for all the cabinets and we're going to shelf-paper everything to hide the painting mistakes tie everything together all pretty. I even told Schondy he could use green if he wanted (aren't I nice). I've been told to call home before I leave work to make sure he doesn't need me to go buy all the shelf paper at Home Depot. I did have a meeting at 2, but it's been cancelled.... Hm. Wonder if my manager would understand if I told her "my kitchen needs me".... The up side of this is that we will have a lovely kitchen for Friday, when the realtors come back, and for when we start taking pictures/showing the house.

Of course, the down side of all of this is that the kitchen is in pieces (as mentioned above), meaning everything is on the floor and we're trying to figure out where it all came from. Because we do not have a large kitchen. In fact, we have a small kitchen. With just a few cabinets. I don't understand. And we have to move this? In 6 weeks? Really? Seriously? Oy.

And now for some more pictures of my poor destroyed house..... I'm also learning how to do a picture blog. I find this whole thing very interesting because it's a really powerful system. And I feel very good about the fact that I'm admin-ing the thing myself and control everything about my system. I thought about doing a blog before and decided I didn't want to use any of those websites (blogger.com, etc.) because I... oh, I don't know... wanted to let my inner geek have a little fun.

And finally, one last thing that makes me very happy. We have track lighting in the dining room. I've only been trying for that for the last 4 years, but it finally happened. See that, poor-schlub-who's-going-to-give-us-loads-of-money? We installed track lighting for you. Hope you like it. Because there's HY-UGE holes in the ceiling now. You're welcome.

Hope you've enjoyed my pictures of the carnage. Hopefully I'll have some prettier pictures the next time I post.

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