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April 16, 2006

New House Pics!

Last night, we invited The Neighbors out to dinner in Mountain View, and thought that as long as we were close, we'd swing by the new house so they could see it. We don't have a key, so we thought we'd just peek in the windows and see what we could see. It was a little dark, so just for kicks, I tried the handle on the front door. Amazingly, it was open! Not sure how we feel about that, but it did mean we were able to get in to take a whole bunch of measurements for a refrigerator and some curtains and stuff like that. We got all our measurements (after sending Steve back to the car twice), but we had forgotten the camera. :(

So we went back today! It was rainy and nasty, but here it is! This is actually the back of the house. The driveway is off any alley, which is off a dead-end street. Ah. At last. A quiet street.

Right now, the backyard is a gi-normous mud pit. It's been raining so much, and the ground is something that looks like clay. We DO have an orange tree, though. We're having mixed feelings about that, because other people have mentioned that eventually you do get tired of oranges and if you don't pick them up daily, they just sit on the ground and rot. Ugh. Anyway, we'll probably hire someone to sod the backyard and put in an area for our patio furniture.

Here's the great room. This is going to contain the couch, entertainment center, dining table, aquarium, and piano. Believe it or not, these WILL all fit. Last night after taking a few measurements, we started working on a floor plan of the house (it's down at the bottom) to make sure all the furniture is going to fit. In the current house, we have two front rooms, one of which we use as the den and the other is the dining room. The new house is going to be full. At least in that room.

The view out the front of the great room is kind of pretty. We think they're going to put a gate at the turn in the walk. There are certainly posts there that look like gate posts. It's not really that big a deal, since the house is way back off the road and behind another house. People would really have to want to talk to us to come that way.

The kitchen is just fabulous. Granite countertops, built in appliances, cabinets for days. I'm so excited about the kitchen - it even has counters that match! All the way around! Looking the other way in the kitchen is where the refrigerator goes. On the right side (where you can't see it) is the pantry and on the left is the is the door to the 2-car garage and to the third bathroom. It's very strange to have a bathroom in the kitchen, but I suppose it makes sense, given that there is a bedroom downstairs.

Here's a better view of the downstairs bathroom. All three baths are complete, which seems like more than we'll ever need, but I suppose if you have company and you have them staying in the downstairs bedroom, it would be way more convenient for them than going all the way upstairs.

One of the coolest things about the house (besides.... everything) is the landing upstairs and the counter and cabinets up there. I can see us putting all kinds of interesting things in here and I'm just thrilled to have storage!

Looking out the window in the guest bedroom, you can see the front yard and how the fence fits. It's an interesting little subdivision. The houses next door (one is kind of visible in this picture) are pretty much identical, but mirrored. The ones in front are a little smaller and have only a 1-car garage.

I haven't uploaded any pictures of the bedrooms because I realized they were just boring with no furniture or anything in them. Makes sense that they wouldn't have put any of those up with the listing, though I do wonder why they didn't put anything up on any of the other rooms. The kitchen would have helped sell it for sure. But of course, that means we might not have gotten it. :-)

This is the shower and bathtub in the master bathroom. Happily, that window has frosted glass. Otherwise, we'd be scrambling to get curtains on it, seeing the clarity of the shower glass. We're also terribly excited about having two sinks in the master bathroom. Imagine! We can brush our teeth at the same time! The toilet is banished to a little closet at the end of the bathroom. Didn't really feel the need to get a picture of that.

And the railing around the stairs from the upper landing. We're trying to figure out what to do with this little area. Looks like it would be wonderful for all manner of art and posters. Not really sure what we're going to do, but it's already provided loads of inspiration to both of us.

Just in case you had doubts about my insanity or my slight tendency towards OCD, here's the complete layout of the house and immediate yard (click on the picture to get a larger view). We actually started working on this (like I said above) to see if all the furniture would fit. While we were taking pictures today, we were also getting measurements of a lot of the rooms to make sure we modeled the whole thing right. It IS to scale, so we can plan out all of the rooms. This is good news for anyone helping us move. :-)

So right now, the plan is to close on both houses (the duplex and the new house) on May 10th, which is a Wednesday. Schondy and I are taking off from work the 10th through the 12th to get moved. We have to give posession of the duplex to the buyers on the 15th, so that means we really need to get organized soon. Happily, a good portion of our belongings are already packed and in storage, so that will definitely help the effort. Anyone who'd like to earn some serious karma points and our eternal gratitude is welcome to drop by and move/pack a few boxes! You know my number!

April 4, 2006

Wow! Sorry about that.

Sorry about that last post. Very tired. Still tired. A little less existential today, though.

So the house is almost ready for the market. We're finishing up patching holes, hanging doors, hanging pictures and making it all pretty. And this is good for 2 reasons.

First, the Open House is Sunday, and the photographer comes Thursday to take pictures for the online listing and for the flyers. Must be ready by the time I leave for work Thursday morning

Second, WE FOUND A HOUSE!!!! WOOOOOO!!! It's brand new, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, has a kitchen that's to die for, and is right in the so-called "quadrangle of happiness". We're going to work on the papers tonight to put in a formal offer, which could be interesting. It's at the very top edge of our price range, but so worth it. We're rejoicing very cautiously.

Anyway, this means that We. Are. Pooped. Forget burning the candle at both ends. We're burning them in the middle, too.

Wish us luck!!!

(Oh! And thank you, Sapphire, for the comment. It's my first and, so far, only)