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May 27, 2006

We're Alive!!!!

Believe it or not, we're still here. Plugging along. Bet you thought I'd forgotten. :-) Fooled you.

So we're all moved in to the new house, AND we now own it. Woo! Well, correction. The bank owns it and is kind enough to let us stay here for a small monthly fee.... It's as fabulous as we hoped it would be. So far, the worst complaint we have is that there are too many mysterious light switches around. In the grand scheme of things, this is not so bad. We have had a profoundly hard time remembering which light switch controls which set of lights. In the kitchen, there are 8 switches alone. I mean, WHO needs 8 separate and distinct light switches in a SINGLE ROOM!?!? Certainly not us. We end up flipping on (and then immediately OFF) every light in the kitchen until we find the one we're looking for. Kind of a light-switch rave.

But it's not all confusion and mayhem. The Jacuzzi bathtub and I were made for each other. It's so very wonderful to 1. have a driveway AND a garage, 2. not have to use the air conditioner (yet), and 3. be able to walk to the train station or any one of... oh.... 30 restaurants. Yes, this is why we moved here. Now we're moved in enough that we're starting to think less about the necessities (power, water, cable TV), and more about the niceties of making a house a home. We're both unabashed book fanatics. We buy stupid amounts of books. In fact, we're not even allowed to visit Barnes & Noble alone. If one of us goes, the other has to be along. We SAY this is because we both need supervision, but it's really just because we both feel like if ONE of us gets a book, the other should get a book too. This means we have tons of books. Yes, tons. (Trust me. We just moved them.)

Since it's Memorial Day weekend and that means SALES!, we're talking about visiting IKEA and seeing what they can offer us in the way of book storage. In the duplex, we had to build something to hold our books, and as not everyone has this particular storage problem, we knew that no matter what house we bought, we'd have to once again solve this problem. So we're looking into either getting something there for a couple hundred bucks, or building something custom. The reason we'd think of going custom is because we have 9 foot ceilings throughout the house and it would be really cool to have something that went all the way up. And IKEA... well, not so much with the designing for 9 ft ceilings. They prefer the 8 ft. variety.

I don't know... Maybe for the price of a plane ticket, I could get my brother out here to help.... I've threatened that on a few other occasions for projects that I wasn't sure how to tackle on my own. Maybe this time I'll do it. Really just comes down to how much money we want to spend, how soon we want this finished, and if we're able to find something at IKEA. Definitely to be continued.....

I've also booked an appointment to have a landscape service come look at our mud pit of a backyard and tell us how many arms and legs they'd like us to give them to turn our yard into something enjoyable to look at. We're entertaining several ideas of what we'd like to do, but have agreed that really, we know nothing about landscaping, other than it's generally done outside by people with a much better idea of how these things work than we do. This is because our knowledge of landscaping is pretty much limited to this: plants need water and dirt, other things (food, light, and classical music) are optional. Grass must be mowed, and mulch has to be refreshed every so often. The end. This could explain my marked lack-of-green-thumb-ness. I've been lucky so far.....

In other news, work has been absolutely brutal for the last couple weeks. Literally, the other day, one of the engineers needed some documents from me, and requested them at 10:30am. I promised them to him ASAP. Well, you know you have a problem when ASAP is 5 HOURS LATER. I suppose this is why they pay me, but geez! Last I counted, I only had one head and two arms. This limits the number of things one can do at the same time. Maybe I'll get another head grafted on. Me n' Zaphod, yo.

Speaking of bizarre literary characters, the frumious bandersnatch (a.k.a. Deliah) has been in especially high spirits of late, mostly because in the move, we found 7, yes, 7!!!, of her mice. She'd apparently been stashing them under the furniture for years in the duplex, I guess in case we decided to stop providing her with things to play with. I have a picture of what we found behind the bookcase in the living room, but it's almost 2am and I don't know where the camera is. (Well, that's a lie. I DO know where the camera is, but it's 2am and I'm not getting out of the bed to go get it.)

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from my old piano teacher. It was pretty amazing to hear from her again. It never seems to me like I was anything to get excited about in the musical realm, but she certainly talked about how much she misses what I could do. I just remember how much I avoided practicing and how much better I'm sure I could have been if I'd only applied myself. Makes me sad to think I can't go back in time and fix that now. I suppose I can make up for it a little by practicing the bagpipes a bit more, but so far, I've been absolutely the world's WORST bagpipe student. I never practice, I miss lessons, and I refuse to even talk about performing. I wonder why he keeps me around.

So that's the news. I deeply appreciate all the comments that have been posted here and all the emails from everyone who's looked at the house pictures. My intention has always been to use this blog to keep you all reasonably up-to-date on the goin's on at the Schondelmayer household. Now that life is attempting to settle down a bit, maybe I'll be a little better about posting.