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Frank's 2000-inch TV

(Ha, ha! Now you'll be singing that song.... FOR DAYS! Which reminds me... hm. have to find that....)

Anywho. We've been threatening to do it. For months. Years, even. For those that haven't heard us wax long on the topic of a new, larger television, trust me. We've been discussing it for ages. Partly because The Neighbors (you know who you are) one-upped us years ago and we've been trying to get back on top. :-) Partly because we have a new house and we need yet another frighteningly large purchase right now. It makes us happy. But mostly because, well, we wanted it.

So last night, we went to Best Buy and purchased..... this. And since Best Buy doesn't work on commission, we didn't make our salesman foam at the mouth. He was still very nice. We liked him. If you go to the Best Buy on El Camino in Santa Clara, and you need a really hy-uge TV, as for J.T. Tell him we sent you. He might even remember us.

The best part was watching Schondy walk through Best Buy positively bouncing and grinning from ear to ear (which, just between you and me, is one of the main reasons we bought it. I like to see him happy). Of course, the bad news is that because it's so huge and heavy and stuff, we're having it delivered AND installed for us. And that takes 2-3 days. But when faced with installing it ourselves, we did the math:

(Hy-uge TV weighing over 100 lbs. + We don't know what we're doing + Trying to mount it on the wall) x Making sure it doesn't fall = There's no way. Ever. That we'd do it ourselves.

They did offer to hook up all our components to it, also, but Schondy assured them he knew how. You know. Because he just did it 3 weeks ago.

So that's the last purchase for a while. (Hon, I'm looking at YOU) We're going to have to pay through the nose to get the backyard landscaped and frankly, our noses are just about empty... which.... might not be the best metaphor... ew. Sorry.

Anyway, this means........ Party at our house!!!! ahem. See you there.

Oh! Before I forget. In the previous entry, I mentioned the madness we discovered behind the bookcase when we were moving.... mices everywhere! And it's not NEARLY as frightening as it sounds. See?


Well, I finally found the address and found your blog (still have a lot of questions about that name), and caught up with your dialoge. I can tell your mind runs at full speed as you type your report. Looking forward to talking with you facr to face soon. Nice tv!

Well, I can't let Steve know you guys got a huge plasma TV. He's been wanting one for ages! But as we're trying to cut back on the amount of TV we watch anyway (you know you watch way too much when your child can identify cartoon characters from shows she doesn't even watch, but can't identify her Auntie Sarah), I don't really see the point at the moment. Besides, do I really want to see The Wiggles and Tom & Jerry in high definition?

Whew! Not real mice! Looks like you found one of those disease-carrying milk jug rings too. Shadow used to have a ton of those mice, but he'd lose interest as soon as he got the tail chewed off. I finally threw them out when the baby played with them more than the cats.

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