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Oh, where to start.....

I'm slowly coming to the realization that I live in a perpetual state of... panic? chaos?... At any rate, I always think I'm going to have some down time. You know next weekend. After we take the cat to the groomer, assemble the bookshelves, do the laundry, clean the office and throw a party. I mean, there's nothing else going on. And I wonder if it's always been this way, or if other people have the same feeling.

I'm reasonably sure that those of you with children are now sitting there with a wry grin on your faces, thinking something along the lines of "Oh, just wait until you have kids. You have no idea..." And maybe that's true, but it all boils down to... I never feel like I have 2 minutes to get my head in order. Makes for a messy-feeling head.

I have to tell this story. I think Schondy finds it a little embarrassing, but it was probably my fault, so I don't know what he's all ashamed. Anway, so two weeks ago, we were helping the Friends-formerly-known-as-The-Neighbors move and I got a bunch of black stuff on my favoritest white jacket. Now, why, you ask, was I wearing a white jacket to help someone move? Well, I don't know. I just was.

ANYwho. Black stuff. White jacket. I went inside and soaked it down so that when I got home, I could throw it in the washer and hopefully all the aforementioned black goo would miraculously come out. See, we have this fancy-schmancy new front-loading washer that we're convinced is slightly possessed.... But that's a different story.... Since it's all new and smart-like, washing one jacket in there does not a happy washer make. So I gathered up some other clothes and loaded the washer and then toddled off to go do something else. At some point, I decided it would be a good idea to start working on unpacking some boxes, so I wandered upstairs to do that.... until I needed a screwdriver.

So back down to the garage I went after the elusive screwdriver beast. When I opened the garage door, though, what my wondering eyes should appear, but a hy-uge lake of laundry soap. All over my shiny new garage.

In this shot, you can see the extent of the lake - something like 10'x4'. Big. Really big. And how, I ask you, does one go about cleaning up said lake of laundry soap? I mean, think about it. You can't just.... towel it up. It's soap. It's too thick. Okay.... so you try.... the broom? Hm. That's just going to ruin your broom. The mop? Well, maybe.... but it's not like you can really wring laundry soap out of the mop like you can water. So we used a combination of all 3, kind of. We mopped the soap into the dustpan, then dumped it into a garbage can. For what was left on the floor, towels soaked it up, and then we threw them in the washer to clean up.

The moral of the story is "don't put the industrial-sized bucket of liquid laundry soap on top of the washer and then scoot it too close to the edge". Because it will hurt you.

The good news is that now our garage smells really good.....

In other news, I've been telling people for days how much all my plants love the new house. Indoor plants, outdoor plants, they're all thrilled to be here. I wish I could take some credit for it, but all I've done is put them down, give them some water, and walk away. So I have some pictures that I took last week. They don't show the spectacular things that have happened with my dahlias this week, but they show how happy everything else is.

As you can see from the pictures, we still don't have much of a backyard. We have landscapers coming on Thursday to tell us how many arms and legs they want for the privilege of giving us something other than a mud pit, but until then, I go out every couple of days and give all my potted plants a nice shower. So far, it's working....

The orange tree continues to drop oranges on our heads, so last weekend we bought a fruit picker. We also happened to buy an extension ladder, though for a different reason, so it looked like we were about to open an orchard or something. The ladder was needed because we now have 9ft. ceilings and those don't work well with a two-step stool.

I've also started back to my bagpipe lessons. I had to stop for a little while because of the selling and buying of houses. I just didn't have the headspace for anything else, so my obnoxious and expensive hobby was the first to go. But in the last few weeks I've gotten back into the swing of things.

I'm having to re-learn pretty much everything, which is probably good for me. The biggest problem I've encountered so far is that we no longer have a busy street to mask the sounds of my practicing at home. I'm going to have to bake our new neighbors cakes... or something. I'm a night owl, so I'm a nocturnal piper. Maybe this isn't the best combination. I've pondered the idea of morning serenades, but somehow I don't think those would go over very well, either.

So now that I've rambled on for days, I wanted to post pictures of one more thing - possibly the most exciting thing of all - our new TV. It's installed now, and happily sucking our time away. Schondy SAYS he was just trying to illustrate the scale of the TV by giving it a hug, but I think he really had some other motive. Maybe a little love for the TV? I think so.

As with everything in our lives right now, we have a temporary solution to the problem of where to place all the equipment that goes with our new TV. It's hung too low for a regular entertainment center (not that we need one of those anyway), and the tower speakers cause the need for something narrow. So we're looking for a 36"x36" stereo component thingie. Know of one we could buy? The larger problem is where to put our collection of 200 DVDs. We're entertaining options. But if you have any suggestions, I'll be happy to hear them.

Anyway, love getting those comments. It means I'm not doing all this work to make interesting entries in vain. I mean, my main motivation is just to ramble on about myself, but it's an added bonus that lots of people I don't talk to regularly enough are able to keep tabs on me.


UM??!! It's been a month! Isn't there anything new going on with ya'll? I count on this blog (look at me using the lingo!) to keep me updated since neither one of us is the best at calling. I need to see some pictures with your stuff all set up in the house. Looking forward to next week!

Love Ya'll! Kelley

You are right, the plants are beautiful. I do hope you have the spider plants in the shade most of the day (?) Where is the picture of the orange tree? Some of the picturs covered up your words - can I move them?
We love you and are looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, Mom and Day

You mean it's POSSIBLE for a person to live without being in a perpetual state of chaos? The last two years I wouldn't have known order if it had bit a chunk off my butt. This past week has been especially bad. I'll email you the details. . .

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