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Busy, busy, busy

Ok, so apparently my absence has been noted. I had no idea anyone actually read this thing faithfully. Shows what I know....

I have no excuse, really. Work has been NUTS! I mean, really, really crazy. Not that I've been working necessarily long hours, but the hours I have been working have been jam-packed. So of course, when I get home, my brain just shuts down. Yesterday, I had a grand total of 5.45 hours of meetings scheduled. Today, only 2.5 hours, and tomorrow, another 5.5 hours. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS?!?!?!? I suppose there are people in our organization who deal with this on a daily basis, and they certainly manage....

Anywho. My point is that I've got a lot going on. And we've been pretty busy at home, too. Last weekend, I started working on the Sewing/Guest Room, planning to just put away a few boxes or something, and by the time I finished, Voila! Sewing Room! I'm really proud of that, especially since it means I can work on my ren faire costumes. I've also been working on finding the living room under all the random junk. Making progress. It was exciting to hang the first art on the wall. We've only been there, now, for a little over 2 months, so I suppose it's about time we got to work. :-)

Eek! And now I'm out of time. Must go pay the piper. Literally.

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