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Working and working and working and working and....

So unless you've been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you know that I've been working.... a lot. And if you've turned on the TV today, you're probably aware that we had a little launch today. As always, this launch is the culmination of MONTHS of development, training, last minute panic and many, many sleepless nights. I'm currently suffering the effects of..... lemme see..... Here's the last 4 days, best I can remember.

Saturday, 9/09
11am thru 11:59pm: Numerous phone calls all day, several hundred requests for help via email and chat.
Midnight: Sleeeeeeepy time.

Sunday, 9/10
10am: First phone call from work
10:15am: Second phone call from work
10:30am thru 10:30pm: Numerous phone calls all day, several hundred requests for help via email and chat.
10:45pm thru 2:30am: Work quiets down enough that I'm able to actually do some of my own work until falling asleep out of exhaustion at 2:30.

Monday, 9/11
9:30am: Arrive at work and the chaos begins again
10am thru 3:30pm: Numerous phone calls, several hundred requests for help via email and chat.
3:30pm: THE POWER GOES OUT AT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, you read that correctly. The power was OUT.) Panic ensues.
4pm: Mass exodus of all vital employees with laptops to main campus, where a very large conference room has been prepared for us. We will be here a while.
4:30pm: We discover that the power is out because a transformer BLEW UP. Power expected to be out for several hours. Guerilla-style run back to our building to pick up purses, keys, gym bags, etc. because buildings will be locked down after 5pm.
5pm thru 9pm: Working, working, working. It is at some point in here that Schondy starts trying to BRIBE me to come home. The only time he's seen me in DAYS is when I'm sleeping or sitting on the couch with my laptop. I feel terrible for neglecting him. And the house looks HORRIBLE.
9:30pm: Arrive home, only to annouce that I have to be back at the office at 5am the next day. Go to bed as soon as I can (11-ish)
11pm thru 3:50am: Toss and turn and toss and turn and wake up every 20 minutes, paranoid that I'm going to oversleep. When asleep, I have nightmares about the horrible things that could happen.....

Tuesday, 9/12
3:50am: Give up on sleep, get in the shower.
5am: Arrive at work before sunrise, start mainline of coffee
9:45am: Starting to look like a store. That's good because Steve goes on stage in 15 minutes. I, however, am fading fast.....
10am: Well, the keynote has begun and apparently whoever set up the audio in this room thinks we're deaf. It's going to be a looooooong hour.

I'm exhausted. But I felt really bad about not posting. So there you go. That's where I've been.


Still waiting for those before and after pictures. Hope you had a nice anniversary. All is well here. Just COLD!!!!!

Ah, power failures. In one quarter in college, our transformer blew up (and it took Cinergy over an hour to even RESPOND. Let's not talk about how long it took to fix.) and then we had three thunderstorms blow through that took out the power for several hours. Cinergy is still really slow in response time, according to my contacts in the power industry (ie Steve).
I know how Adam feels. I've been a roll-out widow too.

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