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December 29, 2006

...And baby makes 5

No, you silly rabbit. Not that kind of baby.

This all started maybe 6 months ago, I'm not sure what bug it was that bit me, but I've been begging, just BEGGING for a dog. But Schondy wasn't so sure. (I can't believe I'm going to say this) Ever the practical one, Schondy kept reminding me of all the hassle and extra work that goes with a dog. The walking, the feeding, the vet visits, the housetraining, blah, blah, blah. I didn't care. Still don't. So for Christmas, my wonderful hubby gave me permission to get a dog. It sounds a little hokey, I'll grant you, but it was the sweetest thing he could have possibly done.

So we're getting a dog. And not just any dog. We're getting a miniature WEINER DOG! These wonderful people are about 2 hours from us and when I contacted them about getting a puppy, they were so very nice. I'm putting in a deposit for a little girl, who should be ready to come home with us sometime in the next 3 months. In the meantime, we have to puppy-proof the house, though I'm afraid there's one little problem that we really can't do anything about.

We have two "children" already who aren't going to take too kindly to a new little bundle of joy. Their Majesties Miles and Deliah have no idea what's in store for them, but I think it will be okay. I really do. Maybe I'm fooling myself, but a girl can hope... So most likely for Valentine's Day...-ish, we'll have a new little fuzzy body in the house. Merry Christmas to me.

Speaking of Christmas, we just got back from Ohio, land of Schondy's family and of the not-so-white Christmas. Sadness. I like going to Ohio and visiting with the in-laws, but a little snow on the ground definitely sweetens the deal. The flight out was fab! It was a direct flight and it was a red-eye and we watched a couple episodes of Lost, which, in case you haven't been watching, is the most aggravating, fascinating show EVER. Schondy insists that the writers must be psychologists or something - they know just how to make it so you CAN'T LOOK AWAY! MUST WATCH! It's so much easier with a TV show when you feel like you're in control. But I digress...

Christmas was nice. Nothing to tell, really. It was very nice to see everyone and to show them this webpage and... oh... FIX my stupid blog while sitting at the computer in Schondy's aunt's house. Because that's obviously what you're supposed to be doing immediately after Christmas dinner. Heaven forbid you should actually have a working blog AND socializing time with the fam. Geez.

Schondy had a lovely trip down memory lane while we were there. Went digging through a lot of his old high school and college stuff. Found pictures of ex-girlfriends (I'm not threatened - not at all. I won. I have nothing to worry about.), stuffage from the various high school plays, and all his college notes. And don't forget the gi-nor-mous bin of Lego's. Because that's OBVIOUSLY what he needed. Mom's going to ship them. Along with a bazillion little electronic components so he can build little electronic things that go POP!! and release the magic smoke. I suppose I'd been telling him he needed a hobby.

The trip back was not so happy as the one out. Not a direct flight. We didn't watch Lost. And I didn't feel very good. It ended up that it literally took us about 12 hours to get from Pittsburgh to Mountain View. WAAAAAAAYYY too long by my estimation.

But now we're home. The house is a disaster. There's not a lot of food in the refrigerator. The laundry needs to be done. The usual.

So we went shopping.

With all the gift certificates we got for Christmas, we bought ourselves... wait for it... it's exciting... a programmable thermostat. You know you're all grown up when.... :) We needed it, no doubt about that.

Oooh! And also, I've taken up knitting again. If you've recieved a gift from me lately, you're probably aware of my newly re-discovered interest in things of the knitting nature. It's only going to get worse, I assure you.

For a friend, I made this:

Schondy liked it so much, he got one just like it (minus the girly fringe).

And for his mother, I made this one, modeled by Miles:

You can't really tell from the picture, but it's a bias-knit lace. And you REALLY can't tell from the picture that this is quite possibly the softest yarn EVER in the history of the world. I need something made with this yarn. Need, I tell you.

So I guess it's a good thing the women who know and love me gave me some books of ideas for what to do with my newly re-discovered love for knitting. I've almost talked myself into knitting a sweater. The only problem I have is that when you look in a pattern book, they always talk about these crazy exotic yarns that cost a million dollars a skein and are handmade by monks in China who raise the alpacas for their fur and feed the alpacas only organic greens and give them only Evian to drink.

Or something.

Needless to say, I have little-to-no interest in acquiring such yarns. They're expensive and delicate. I'm looking for cheap and tough-as-nails. But no one wants to make patterns for that kind of yarn.

le sigh.

Anywho. That's what's going on. Give me a call if you want a scarf. I can do those well (and quickly) and as long as I'm still doing scarves, I don't have to dive into the oh-so-scary world of sweaters.

Happy holidays, y'all.