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A good day to be me.

So if you read my previous entry, you know we're getting a puppy. And you know how I said it was going to take a few months before she was ready to come home. Well, this morning, as I was running out the door on the way to work, I thought to check my Voicemail and there was a message. I knew I had tried to call Mom and Dad last night and they didn't answer, so I figured it was them, calling me back.


It was the Dachshund breeder. Apparently she did a trade with another breeder who wants the Ground Hound bloodlines and...... we have a puppy!!!! We're going to pick her up on Saturday!!!! We have a lot of work to do....


She's 8 weeks old, ready to go home, and when I called the breeder back, they were at the vet, getting her shots. She's red with white toes and a white star on her chest. I'm supposed to get a picture today and I'll post.

**UPDATE** 01/11/07 - I have pictures!
Heeeeere she is! We're going Saturday to pick her up. We've still got a lot of work to do.


Hey y'all:

Love the pictures and the updates!! What a precious family you have and a lovely home,too. I look forward to meeting Lulu. She is precious.
Love to all
Aunt Linda

Oh, I could just eat her up! Got any hot dog buns? :)

Well, she is very precious. The name Lulu looks like it will fit her perfectly. I hope she won't be scared by her siblings. Remember she is very much a baby and you will have to be patient with her. Welcome to the family Loulou. Grandmama.

Can't wait to see the pic of your new baby!

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