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Death by Cuteness!

So unless you haven't spoken to me in months AND haven't read through my last few postings, you're very much aware of the new member of our little family. We now have a 10-week-old Miniature Dachshund puppy that we named Lulu. She's red with white paws and a white spot on her chest and about 10 inches long and about 8 inches tall... but don't let that fool you. She's 5 pounds of PURE mischief.

So I'll spare you the gory details of how I convinced my oh-so-loving husband that we needed a puppy. It involved much abject begging and "I'll take care of it"s on my part - 10-year-old style. Apparently it worked.

Cut to:

Last week (Tuesday morning), when I had a message in my voicemail from the dog breeder I've been dealing with. She called to tell me that she had gotten a puppy for me in a trade with another breeder. And the puppy was ready to go home immediately. I assured the nice lady that I had to go to work on Tuesday and wouldn't be able to make the two hour drive until the weekend, but I also assured her I'd be there with bells on Saturday afternoon.

And then:

Can I just say - PANIC! It was like going into labor early! And the baby's room wasn't painted! And we hadn't picked a name! And we didn't have diapers! Eeeeeeeek!

So we took up residence at PetSmart for the duration of the week and proceeded to purchase everything a growing puppy needs - bed, crate, toys, food, collar, leash, shampoo, water bowl, kitchen sink... you get the picture.

Come Saturday, we hit the ground running. Sort of. We got up on time, but then we were moving a little slow. And then we needed some lunch before we could leave, and we knew it was going to be a long drive (about 2 hours each way) and the printer died a few months ago, so we had trouble figuring out how to get there without being able to print out the nice map Google Maps provided us.

The drive there was reasonably uneventful. We had a moment of clarity, where we realized that it's only people who are complete strangers, or people who've been together a long time who can ride for a full two hours without the radio on. But since we were leaving the valley, we knew the radio wasn't going to work on the other side of the hills.

The breeder was nice. She had, like, a zillion chihuahuas! I've never seen such! Chihuahuas everywhere! And my little puppy was living with a tennsy little chihuahua named Peaches. They were just about the same size, though I'm reasonably sure Peaches was significantly older than Lulu. Being at a place like that was very interesting. I don't have a lot of experience dealing with dog breeders, so I don't know how normal these people were. Let's just say it was all around very interesting.


After we paid the nice lady way too much money, and signed a paper promising to only play with our new puppy for 2 20-minute sessions each day (yeah, right!) and feed the dog "super premium" (whatever that means) dog foods, we climbed back in the car to head home, literally 30 minutes after we pulled up. And that's when the adventure really began.

Lulu proved to be a positively exemplary car dog, riding quietly in Schondy's lap allllll the way home. We stopped at a rest stop maybe 20 miles down the road to let her out to potty, and she gave us some very false hope for our future when she pottied perfectly and immediately. She was just buttering us up so we wouldn't kill her later. She greeted the two enormous Alaskan Huskies quite friendly-like, and even chased them a little after they walked away. They probably thought she looked like a tasty treat.

Once we climbed back in the car, she was the picture of well-behaved, even while we were panicking, trying to find a gas station in the middle of a California Citrus grove. (When we finally refilled, my 13-gallon gas tank took 12.85 gallons) And she was nice and quiet when we took the turn onto Mission Blvd., only to discover that we were heading the wrong way and it sent us about 20 miles out of our way. And she was reasonably well-behaved when we made it back to the house 8 hours after we left it, and the cats demanded to know a. where we'd been all day, and b. WHAT IS THIS THING YOU'VE BROUGHT WITH YOU!?

So we're working on the whole housebreaking thing and the sleeping through the night thing now. She's learning to sleep in her crate and learning to go potty outside, though this crazy cold snap we're having right now is making housetraining a bit of a chore - she keeps telling us it's cold out there! We got her a little coat to wear outside, and that helped a lot. It was a bit too big for her, but I've done some creative re-jiggering and now it keeps her nice and toasty. She _might_ even be willing to say she likes it.

Her favorite toy is one of the Loofa Dogs from PetSmart. It's longer than she is, but it's loads of fun to play tug with. And would you believe - she LOVES carrots. They're also really good for a teething puppy's itchy gums, so it's a win-win situation.

Deliah thinks it's great fun to hide behind things, swat Lulu on the head as she trots by, and then take off running when Lulu chases. Lulu thinks it's great to have someone to chase, even if she occasionally gets flipped on her back and kicked in the head by a 15-pound cat. Miles just thinks they're both ridiculous.

And by now, you're wondering about the title of the post, where I promised death by cuteness. So here's some pictures of the little devil.

Modeling her nice warm coat

With "LoofaDog"

Schondy, with lap full of fuzz and paws

And just so you're not too tired of pictures of puppies...

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Lulu's the third cutest thing I've seen today. Hey, you can't expect me to say she's cuter than my kids! I'll give you that she's cuter than my cats and dog, and heck, even my husband. :)

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