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Sitting in the airport, waiting on a plane.

7am flights stink. Badly. Even if I wasn't spectacularly knackered, I'd still hate to be here. But here I am. Going home. Hallelujah. My own bed is calling my name and I can hear it from 1500 miles away. Apparently I have a loud bed.

I realized I had a couple other celeb sightings that I didn't mention in my last post. One of the guys from Arrested Development was hanging out at the Blender after party a couple of nights ago. He was impressed with Tammy's mad Guitar Hero skillz. She does have some mad skillz....

And the other day, we were at a Kings of Leon concert (Cameo's favoritest band EVER) and we saw Kirsten Dunst. For reals. Apparently a Kings fan. The end.....

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