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We're rich!!

Or something.

So if you've visited us at any point during the last few years, we've probably tortured you with looking at our change jug where we clean out our pockets and dump it all into a gallon-sized Gatorade bottle with a slit cut in the lid. We've been very proud of it for a long time, and we always said we wouldn't empty it or count the money until it was completely full.

Well, it filled up. So we emptied it.

(Lulu helped.)

And weighed it.

(37 pounds)

And took it to the CoinMaster to get it counted.

And after all the shouting, we found that there was something close to $270. And after the CoinMaster took its cut, we walked away with $247.91. Wheeee! And it gave us a little voucher that I would have very much liked to keep, but the nice lady at the cash register said we couldn't. It had a complete list of every coin we had, including one Susan B. Anthony dollar that we didn't know about, but sadly, they needed it for their accounting. :(

And when we cashed in our voucher, they gave us $247...... and 91 cents. Anyone else see a certainly amount of humor in that? We cashed in our change! For.... change.... right.....

So it just goes to show. 7 YEARS, PEOPLE! 7 YEARS! worth of change can really add up.

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