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Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Okay. I admit it. I'm procrastinating. I'm officially avoiding work. And everyone knows the best way to avoid work is to blog about avoiding work. So that's what I'm doing.

But I do have a good excuse. Basically, I worked my behind off for the last week writing a document, and finished at about 12:30am last night, only to find out that I was too slow and the work won't actually be done for another month. Any time I produce a document like that, it takes a lot out of me and it takes me a day or so to "reset" myself to think about something else. I'm not saying now is a good time for me to need a reset, I'm just saying that's how it works. Because if my work ethic had anything to do with it, I'd be knee deep in another project by now. Sadly, my work ethic is completely at the mercy of my brain capacity.


But I do have a new desktop computer. And a new laptop. And a new iPhone... that doesn't work yet. Let's just say it's been a helluva week. But lest it sound like I've been just mooching off the company, allow me to explain:

At work, I have two computers (okay, right now I have 4, but that doesn't usually happen). I have a laptop that I do my work on and take to meetings and take home in the evenings. And I have a desktop that does a number of things, including acting as a backup system, being a replacement system if my laptop goes out, and I do lots of training with people in Europe who need to be able to see what I'm doing, which is way easier on a desktop system than on a laptop (If you really want to know the details of that one, call me and I'll explain it. I doubt you care).

The Desktop
So a couple weeks ago, following the great laptop harddrive failure of 2007, I realized it was highly critical that I start doing more regular backups of my entire set of documents. But when I tried, I made a most distressing discovery - namely that my old (ghetto) desktop had a teensy harddrive in it. Small enough that I couldn't back everything up. So I contacted my favorite tech support person (the hubby) and asked what to do. He pointed out that my old (ghetto) desktop is not well equipped to deal with a larger harddrive. So I talked to my friendly neighborhood group Admin at work (who, by the way, not so helpful, but that's another story) who only had EXTERNAL harddrives for backing up, which, while nice, don't fit the requirements I had.

I decided this must be a sign that old (ghetto) desktop was headed for the great slag heap in the sky, and set about trying to figure out what to replace it with. I needed a new desktop computer, but didn't really want one of the really nice fancy ones, which is all I could order. So I returned to not-so-helpful Admin, who all-of-a-sudden, two days after my original request, remembered (remembered! ha!) that she had this older computer sitting in the Storage closet that I could have. It was miraculously exactly what I needed - not too new so I don't feel terrible about having this amazing system hanging out on my desk, but it has a nice roomy harddrive and works perfectly for my uses. Fancy! Imagine how awesome it would have been if she had "remembered" this earlier!! (Did I mention not so helpful?) So I have a new desktop.

The Laptop
Cut to: a week ago, a day or so after I get my desktop, when my laptop decides to cannibalize itself in the form of a catastrophic crash, resulting in the loss of a document (the same one I delivered last night at 12:30) that I was about 3 hours into. And I'd had even been a good little girl, saving every 20 minutes or so to make sure I didn't lose anything because my laptop had been showing small signs of wear for a while and I was wise to her ways. SO following that first warning shot fired across my bow, I started paying more attention to what was going on and realized that my laptop, every 10 minutes or so, would stop saving files, choosing instead to say "unable to save". Except it only TELLS you that in certain circumstances. And THEN, just to pour salt in the wound, it decided to crash - shut down and restart - every 15 minutes or so. Just about the time I'd get it rebooted and running and think everything was okay, WHAM!

Thank goodness for favorite tech support guy, who grabbed the external harddrive he keeps for such emergencies and sucked everything out of my poor dying laptop before it had time to cannibalize everything else. And then in one of my laptop's lucid periods, I sent an email to not-so-helpful Admin, requesting a new laptop and called my manager to tell her I was requesting a new laptop.

So I brought the external harddrive in to work and slapped all its stuff onto my new (shiny!) desktop just in case something bad happened, and spent the entire day hoping for a nice little email from Not-So-Helpful saying she'd get me a new laptop. And I waited.

And waited another day.

And sent an email asking if maybe she just didn't get the email and could she please order me a new laptop. And then I waited.

And waited another day.

Until Tuesday. I was pointing out to my manager (best manager in the world) that Not-So-Helpful had not yet responded to my email and I had gone by to give her a kick in the pants, but couldn't find her. I apparently had very good timing because as I was complaining, the co-worker for which I was writing the document that had gotten cannibalized happened to hear me and say "oh, I have a laptop. If I give it to you, will you finish my document." I reminded him that this was bribery and he assured me he knew and....

Nice (shiny!) laptop entered my life.

And I'd like to point out that No-So-Helpful still has not responded to my email. It's been a week.
Warning! Tangent!
I'm breaking my rule for not talking about work. Hopefully it won't happen again.

So while I was talking to Manager about the laptop thing, she mentioned that Not-So-Helpful has neglected to do several other things lately because she's having "issues" (whatever that means). Apparently, Manager went up to Not-So-Helpful and asked her to order tissues because the supply closet was out and Not-So-Helpful said "Oh, I have plenty in the storage room.", to which Manager responded "So why don't you put them in the Supply Closet" and Not-So-Helpful said "Oh, I don't like to put the supplies in the Supply Closet." And I've had close personal experience with this when I went for weeks, begging for binder clips. Seriously. Binder clips.

Now, I understand a certain drudgery factor associated with being the Admin, and I even get finding some of the tasks onerous. I did her job. For the craziest attorney in all of Kentucky. So I get it. And you know what? I filled the Supply Closet. Because that was my job. And I could either take the paycheck and fill the %*&^# Supply Closet, or I could find another way to get a paycheck. That's how it works.

Or how about this email she sent out:
We have had problems with double and even triple-booking the conference room. I have asked IS&T and Facilities to turn on the 1st come, 1st serve option. So, it won't let you book it unless it is truly available.

Here's how this works. Normally, conference rooms can be booked in our meeting system, and once booked, they will show as unavailable to anyone who tries to hold another meeting there. There are certain conference rooms that are "special", where there's an administrator in charge of making sure the room is available with the executive team needs it. This means that any time someone requests that conference room, the administrator has to approve the request. If the administrator doesn't approve the request, the room does not get booked. Which means the room appears in our meeting system as available, and people will schedule meetings there, only to collide with the other 10 groups who also thought the room was available, and the meeting planners have to rochambeau each other for it.

So what's happened, basically, is that she's decided to no longer be in control of this room because it's just too hard, and she's going to let it function like a normal room (Imagine! A conference room that will actually tell you when it's booked! The wonderful thing we have these days!).

I mean, seriously. What does she do all day if she's not in charge of filling the Supply Closet, managing our conference rooms or responding to equipment requests? Because she's certainly not ever at her desk. Maybe I should apply for that job.....
End Tangent

The iPhone
So, um, let's just say it's a perk. But the problem is that my phone bill is paid by my company (yay!), which means they control my account. So when I went to activate my new (shiny!) phone, I went into the special bucket of people-who-have-strange-accounts-that-we'll-deal-with-after-all-the-regular-customers-are-taken-care-of. So I'm without cell phone right now. So sad. If you need me... well... I'm sorry. Leave a message somewhere.

Anyway, that's what's going on with me.

What's new with you?

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