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So this morning, I'm happily reading through my blogs (as I do), and one of my favorites is Go Fug Yourself. I enjoy being reminded that sometimes celebrities and other people with personal stylists have bad hair days and bad... clothes days. I'm clicking through and come across.... this!


(Image obscured to protect your eyes.)

Now, see, here's the thing. If you, like me, were scared witless by that picture, you may not have realized that was Robert Downey, Jr. I think he's a nice looking guy. A little wacky, perhaps, and I don't deny that the man seems to have some serious demons. But you should see him in A Scanner Darkly. Fascinating movie. And Lucas is in that one!!

But anyway, I digress. Seriously, dude. What's with the hair? No one will ever accuse me of being fashionable, but even I know that's just a bad idea.

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