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Seems like a scam. But if it isn't, well, we'll see.

I'm poking around on Amazon, looking at stuff and things and I notice that some of their affiliates have copies of the McSweeney's I'm missing. So I cobble together all the ones i'm missing and it comes out to a little over $200. So then I think I'll go make sure those are the right ones, which sends me over to eBay, where I find a person selling ALL the ones I need in one collection for just UNDER $200. So I bid on it. And I lose.

But in the process, I notice this thing down at the bottom of the page that says "get this book for $0.75" and I think, "that can't be right". So I go look, and sure enough, I'm looking at a listing of Mcsweeney's books in various states of "used-ness" all for less than $5.00, which is interesting, given that according to Amazon, some of these can't be had for less than $50.00.

So I've ordered one for $6.49. We'll see what happens. (That's INCLUDING shipping.) It seems like a scam. I'm worried, and a little confused - mostly because, well, why haven't I heard of this place before?

It's through half.com, through eBay. We'll see what I end up with. And if I get them all that way, it'll cost me $50 for all of them, instead of $50 for one of them. I'll let you know what happens.

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