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The Knitwit Papers, Chapter II: First Socks

Date Begun: 12/29/2006
Date Completed: 01/15/2007
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in Black and White
Needles: US3 DPNs
Source: Knit Socks!, Starter Stockinette
The Story:
The story, here, is pretty simple. Basically, I got tired of scarves and wanted to branch out a bit. So I decided to make some socks. I'd gotten a really nice book of easy sock patterns from The Neighbors and really wanted to use it. I had this yarn laying around from when I first started on this crazy knitting endeavor ages ago, and thought it would make some nice, warm socks that would be completely machine washable. And this is the result.

So really, the only comment I have other than Yay! Socks! is to NEVER, EVER, EVER try to turn a bulky weight sock into a worsted weight by sheer force of will. The yarn will win. I promise you it will. I had hand cramps for weeks after these puppies were done. They were knit on a couple sets of US3 DPNs and those suckers just weren't made for a yarn this bulky. Trust me.

However, I DID learn something positive, which has come in handy again just recently. It's known as "Single Sock Syndrome" and it's what happens when most people knit socks or gloves or anything that comes in a pair. Basically, when knitting a pair of socks, the usual method is to knit one of them all the way to completion and then do the second one. Single Sock Syndrome generally occurs at the completion of the first sock, when you realize you're going to have to start all the way from the beginning and do all that over again. Extreme boredom/fatigue/lack of motivation sets in, resulting in lots of single socks without matches.

I'm familiar with how I work and knew that I would be a prime candidate for the dreaded SSS, and had read something (I don't know who to credit with this gem) that said to avoid getting stuck, don't work all the way through the first one without stopping. Do a little bit of the first one, like the cuff, and then do the same amount on the second one. Then go back to the first and do the heel. Then do the second heel. Then half of the foot on the first.... and so on.

The result is that when you finish the first one, you think, "Oh! I just have a little more to do on the second one before I'm completely done!", avoiding SSS altogether. Works like a charm, lemme tell you. This does mean that you have to have two sets of DPNs in all sizes, but I consider that a small cost when compared with how happy I am when I actually finish a project.

And in case you're wondering, the sock-modeling foot in the very top image belongs to none other than the Hubby, himself, and when it gets cold around here, he loves to put these on over his normal socks to keep his toes toasty. The in-progress shot was modeled by my foot because it's a little smaller than his and could fit inside the DPN triangle when his couldn't.

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