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The Knitwit Papers, Chapter IX: Earflap Hat

Date Begun: 10/13/2007
Date Completed: 10/14/2007
Yarn: Patons Rumor in Fern Heather and Hawthorn Heather
Needles: US10 Circular (metal)
Source: Knitted toque with earflaps from Canadian Living
The Story:
I really enjoy knitting, regardless of the project, but I do like it when my projects are actually things that people want. So I asked Schondy if there was something he wanted, and I think we just happened to be watching one of my favorite shows, Survivorman!! It was the episode where Les is in the Canadian Arctic, and he had on this great intarsia hat with earflaps. And Schondy said he liked it. I was floored. A project like that could be loads of fun, but I never would have thought he was one for a tuque.

So off I went to find a suitable pattern. I was really hoping for something kind of manly (good luck with that!), and I actually wanted to try my hand at some color work beyond just stripes. I've done enough at this point that I really want to get into more interesting patterns. Alas, I couldn't meet both criteria AND be sure it was something he'd like. But then I found this thing with a teeeeeeeeeensy picture. There were NO pictures of this one any larger than half a postage stamp anywhere that I could find. So I went into this a little blind.

The really nice thing was that it literally took me 1 day to knit the thing - start to finish - but I have to say it's a bit more "crude" than what I really wanted. It's perfect for the hubby - has earflaps, is manly, has green in it - but if I were to make something for myself, I'd steer clear of this one and go for something with a bit more detail. The most interesting thing about this hat is that it's the first time I've ever crocheted anything that wasn't a test scrap (the green border around the edge is crochet) and I have to say I'm pretty proud of how it came out.

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