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The Knitwit Papers, Chapter VIII: Formerly-Red-Scarf-Project Scarf

Date Begun: 08/15/2007
Date Completed: 10/01/2007
Yarn: Red Heart TLC Essentials in Autumn and Claret
Needles: US10 Circular (metal)
Source: My own design
The Story:
The Multi yarn was something I would never buy, but Schondy picked it up and said he liked the way it looked (he's colorblind, so I humor him). My Knitting Group was doing scarves for the Red Scarf Project and I decided to use up the Multi on that, but then realized I wasn't going to have quite enough finish. Enter the Claret yarn. By the end of it, I was extremely bored with the whole thing and desperate for it to end so I could move on to other things.

I call it the "Formerly-Red Scarf Project" because I completely missed the deadline for turning it in and by the time I'd finished it, it had kind of grown on me, to the point that I held on to it. Right now it belongs to the hubby, but it could be that I hijack it periodically.

A quick note about the photography: As you've probably noticed, the photos of my knitting have steadily improved in quality over the last several months, and it is entirely due to the growing photography skills of Schondy.

In these photos are two of my newest non-knitting creations - the decoupage heads. There are a total of 4 of these and I hope to post so pictures of the whole set at some point. You can see a better shot of the Yellow Head in the entry for the other knitted item shown in this entry: The Earflap Hat.

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