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Aes Sedai

Okay. More quizzes. But I got conflicting results.

If you're curious about the source, here you go.

This one thinks I'm a Brown

What Ajah are you best suited for?
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You scored as The Brown Ajah
You are best suited for the Brown Ajah. Dreamy eyes, and ink stained fingers are the mark of this Ajah. These Aes Sedai are the historians, librarians, scientists, and engineers of the White Tower. They are in charge of the Tower Libraries and as such are usually more negotiable than probably anyone else. These Aes Sedai are usually so caught up in their studies and research projects that they are oblivious to current events in the world.
The Brown Ajah
The Gray Ajah
The White Ajah
The Red Ajah
The Green Ajah
The Blue Ajah
The Black Ajah
The Yellow Ajah

This one thinks I'm a White

Which Ajah Are You?

The Aes Sedai of White Ajah are logical and carefully consider every option. They do not believe emotions should play a part in decision-making. Like the Gray Ajah, they are often found advising politicians.
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