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It's 9:30pm! Do you know where your wife is?

Here's a hint: she's at work.

Yes, folks. It's 9:30 in the evening on a Thursday. I'm hanging out in someone else's office, locked in a holding pattern, waiting on a lot people to do a lot of things. I'm here as moral support and as literal support, primarily existing as the emergency backup system should something go horribly awry.

I'm bored.

But as I keep reminding myself, this is why they keep me around. I've been entrusted with ensuring that this goes properly by four levels of management above me and, well, it's usually a good idea to see those things through. Not doing so is what some might term a career-limiting move.

But seriously - bored.

As I write this, the unfinished knitting item sits at home, almost finished. Maddeningly close to being finished. And it would be excellent to have it here to keep my hands busy (see above re: bored). As I write this, Schondy sits at home, watching TV and eating non-catered dinner and generally not working. As I write this, Lulu runs around at home, chasing the ball and harassing the cats, or maybe snuggling on the couch and generally being very cute and Lulu-like.

But I'm chillin' in a borrowed office, in a chair that's adjusted for a person 6 inches shorter than I am, wondering if it's worth figuring out the fancy-schmancy coffee machine and wishing I had my knitting or my book to keep me entertained.

I don't wait very well.

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