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She's Crafty! (a.k.a. I got a new toy for Christmas)

Well, I have officially returned to the land of the worker, where I'm busily doing... stuff. But for the last couple weeks, I've been home, happily doing... nothing much. This over-abundance of time for doing nothing much allowed me to spend some quality time with a couple long-time residents of the house, and to welcome a new toy to my crafting room: The Baby Lock Emore Embroidery Machine. Say it with me, now, "Oooooh, Ahhhhhh, Ohhhhhh."

So, me, my Sewing Machine, my Serger and my Embroidery Machine (makes me all happy just to think about it) all sequestered ourselves in the sewing room for a whole day during the break, determined to emerge with something that really showed the world how talented we are and how well we all work together.

And we emerged with this:

Now, I'm not so thrilled with the full-body picture - it constitutes pictorial proof (as if I needed it) that I really need to get on a treadmill. But it shows the full glory of what I made: a skirt from an old pair of blue jeans! :-) I know what you're saying: they've been around forever and it's so funny that I'm excited about this and blah, blah, blah. I like it and it's by far the most comfortable skirt I've ever owned, most likely because it was made from some of the most comfortable jeans I've ever owned.

How does this tie in with my wonderful new embroidery machine, you ask? Well, peep the close-ups:

See? Nifty little flowers and designs. :-) I'm calling the style "Boho Victorian" for when I wear it with my purple corduroy jacket and the beeee-autiful Steam Punk necklace Schondy got me for Christmas.

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