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The Knitwit Papers, Chapter XII: Cotton Dishcloths

Date Begun:
(L to R)
1: 02/06/08
2: 01/13/08
3: 01/12/08
4: 03/01/08

Date Completed:
(L to R)
1: 02/09/08
2: 01/14/08
3: 01/13/08
4: 03/17/08
(L to R)
Lily Sugar'n Cream Ombres & Prints
1: Sun-Kissed
2: Citrus Fruits
3: Sun-Kissed
4: Key Lime Pie
Needles: US7 Circular (metal)
(L to R)
Kitchen Bright Dishcloths
1: Slanted Squares
2: Bee Stitch
2: Trinity Stitch
4: Climbing Lattice
The Story:
In the course of teaching some other folks to knit, I was looking for some easy, quick projects to give them that AREN'T SCARVES. Funny thing - knitters by and large get extremely sick of scarves after the first 3-4 they do. I know that's certainly happened to me. Unless someone requests a scarf specifically, I have no intentions of ever making one again. But not everyone is immediately ready to jump into sweaters and afghans. So dishcloths are nice because they're kind of like mini-scarves.

But the other funny thing about teaching people to knit is that the best way to know the problems is to do the pattern personally. So I now have four hand-knit dishcloths that I will probably never use. But that's okay because they make excellent small projects to take along when I travel or on the train to San Francisco. They're simple enough that once I understand the pattern, I can pretty much turn my brain off so the knitting is mindless therapy. I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do with them. They're pretty enough that I've thought about framing them and hanging them on the wall in my sewing room, but I know they'd also be great as little housewarming gifts or something.

There are 12 patterns in the book. I've only done 4 of the patterns, but I fully expect to do more later when I need something quick between larger projects. The first two (2 and 3 listed) I did because my knitting "students" chose those as the ones they wanted to try. The third one I did because it looked interesting. The last one was chosen by Schondy because he liked the way it looked.

I was going to write out a little explanation about each one of these, but I realized there's not much more I can say. :-)

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