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The Peanut Gallery's Hawaiian Vacation, Day 2

If you haven't read the previous installment, go here first.

Since we went to bed so early last night, we of course woke up early this morning. We realized we'd woken up early enough to actually get breakfast at one of the restaurants here. We walked down to the restaurant, where the big special was a breakfast buffet, but they'd actually let you order whatever you liked (thankfully). So after a breakfast of Eggs Benedict (Schondy) and a fresh fruit plate (Peanut), we took off walking.

We wandered around for a bit until Schondy decided he wanted to take some pictures of the Moir Gardens of the neighboring resort - the Kiahuna Plantation. We walked through, poking at and photographing cacti, then wandered back over to the shopping center for a little light shopping, our second Starbucks visit since arriving in Hawaii, and a little lunch for Schondy. One thing about Starbucks - they always have air conditioning. :-)

We'd noticed a little hot dog shop in the shopping center and Schondy wanted to try it out. So Schondy had his very first PukaDog hot dog, complete with Coconut Relish (which he says was really good). After that, we wandered through the market again and made our very first souvenir purchase - a shot glass for me.

So after a little more wandering around, we landed on the beach, where we really wanted to sit and watch the tides come up. There are loungers that are large, wooden jobbies with canopies. The hotel calls them "cabanas" "and is very proud of them - requiring people to rent them for a day. So we sat on one of those for a few minutes, but that just wasn't close enough to the water for us, so we went over to the pool area and grabbed a couple of the plastic/metal loungers and pulled them over onto the beach. The staff watched us do this, then told us about 15 minutes later that we weren't allowed to have the plastic/metal loungers on the beach. So we put those back and continued on our way.

After recharging, we realized it was almost time for sunset and we knew that it was going to be spectacular out over the ocean and with all the clouds in the sky. Since our beach faces south (not west), getting a good view of the sunset was going to be something of a challenge. So we grabbed our stuff and took off in the westerly direction along the road. Basically, there wasn't really enough time for us to walk far enough to see much. So even though we walked probably a mile, there was still a building directly in our view of the sunset. We gave up, walked back to the hotel and went to dinner.

It started to rain while we were eating our dinner. That was okay with us because we were sitting outside, but under a cover, and we were greatly entertained watching other folks scrambling to get under cover. It was at this meal that Schondy had a Hawaiian pizza! In Hawaii! How crazy is that!?!?

It was also at this meal that I had some flat coffee. When I said that my coffee was flat, Schondy laughed and asked if I was looking for carbonation. So I handed him my cup and he tried it and... agreed. It was flat. I'm convinced that what happened was that it was evening, so my coffee was coming from the bar. The bar probably brews their coffee with the intention that it will be mixed with something a little harder. Since my cup contained only coffee, the inadequacies of the brew were obvious.

So there we are. Long day, lots of walking, very little of much interest, other than pictures! From Hawaii! Yay!

Stay tuned...

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