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The Peanut Gallery's Hawaiian Vacation, Day 4

If you haven't read the previous installment, go here first.

After another early start and breakfast at the hotel, we went over to the rental car office to pick up our car. Turns out it was a 2008 Silver PT Cruiser. I was sooooo pleased. If I'm going to have to drive in an unfamiliar place, at least I have a familiar car. So we started driving east and north, stopping first at Hilo Hattie in Lihue for some souvenirs. We spent way too much money there, but had a lot of fun picking out presents for ourselves and others. While we were there, I talked to my family for the first time since we got here. It was nice to hear some familiar voices.

We left Lihue and drove to Wailua Falls, which was right down the road. It's one of several waterfalls on the island, but it's the first we made it to. The area was absolutely beautiful, but I wish we could have gotten closer and seen more. The vegetation is so lush, it's sometimes hard to see the sights we're trying to see. :-) There was a big pool at the bottom of the waterfall, but we couldn't really see much of it other than the far bank where all the logs were piled up. There were lots of birds flying around, too, but they were too far away to be terribly interesting in pictures.

There was a sign that said "No Vending" in big red letters. So the woman with the leis in her trunk was 10 feet to the left. There were also lots of other people around taking pictures, and this was one opportunity I took to get the photographer in the pictures.

So we left the waterfall and, on our way on out of town, stopped quickly at the Kapaia Stitchery, which is a quilting store. We talked a little about getting some Hawaiian fabric for making shirts, but decided we weren't feeling quite that industrious.

We climbed back in the car and drove to 'Opaeka'a Falls, which was just as beautiful as Wailua Falls, but even farther away from the lookout point where we were standing. Schondy had to break out the telephoto lens again, but before that, he got a nice shot of me. The river continued on the other side of the road, where there were lots of kayaks and skiers.

We've seen TONS of chickens all over the island. They're obnoxious and omnipresent. The roosters crow all day long and we even watched one walk into an open-air restaurant and pick up the crumbs off the floor. But they're quite beautiful and Schondy had to get some shots of the flock next to the waterfall.

After we left the waterfall, we stopped at the Coconut Marketplace for some lunch and a little shopping, but didn't buy much While we were eating, though, we did see the chicken come in looking for crumbs. AND there was a cat running around, stalking the various small birds in the area. The waitress shooed the cat away, telling it not to stalk the bird. Now, you may think you know why she shooed the cat, but I assure you - you haven't guessed it. She didn't want to have to clean the feathers off the floor of the restaurant. :-) Our only purchase was some apple-bananas from a local farmer because I wanted a snack. They were quite good.

We continued driving north and stopped at a Craft Fair, which turned out to be a fancy name for a tourist junk store. So we continued on our merry way to the Kilauea Lighthouse, but it was closed. Turned out, the Lighthouse closed at 4 and we showed up at, like 4:10. Sadness. But Schondy got this beautiful shot from a distance. Maybe we'll try to go back later.

So back in the car one more time, we stopped at Safeway to grab a few things, then went back to the hotel for a few minutes. We went to Starbucks, where I ordered a cup of coffee, but I had to go being a smart alec and messed the whole thing up. I asked the barista what the cost difference was between at 16 oz. coffee and a 20 oz. coffee. For me, the cost difference is, like, 15 cents. But for Starbucks, it's, like, 2 cents. She was too busy chatting with me and ended up making me two cups of coffee. When we figured out what had happened (after I'd already paid for everything), she refunded my $2.03, but then gave me the extra coffee anyway. Turns out I cannot drink 32 oz. of coffee in a single sitting. It's just too much. But I gave it the old college try.

Schondy wanted to try another PukaDog, but they were closed, so we wandered back to the hotel, and it started raining as we were walking. This seems to be a common occurrence around here. So we ended up heading to one of the resort restaurants one more time for dinner.

Then we wandered onto the beach, looked at stars and watched the people further down as they set off their own rogue fireworks and waved sparklers at each other.

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I've been there!
I'm jealous of the PukaDogs. We didn't discover them until the last day & they were closed. Have you had shave ice? It's the best thing ever.

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