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The Peanut Gallery's Hawaiian Vacation, Day 6

If you haven't read the previous installment, go here first.

We started out this morning planning to do nothing but lounge around the pool, but as we were coming back from breakfast, we swung by the concierge desk, where we turned in a letter they'd given us at check-in. This letter told us to talk to the concierge to get some information and a free gift, but of course, we didn't talk to them until the last day we were here. The girl laughed a little when we told her we were leaving so soon, but actually was able to recommend one more sight we should see - the Spouting Horn, which is a blow hole. So Schondy said we had to go see the blow hole.

On our way out of the hotel, though, we got caught by one of the local artists who was selling her necklaces. She had some really beautiful work and I ended up getting the necklace you see in the picture. It's handmade of koa wood and oyster shell. I really liked some of the others she had with braided coconut fiber, but she was REALLY proud of those. :-) Oh, yeah, and there's this watery blow hole thing in the background...

Several other photographers were around, and they all hopped the fence to get a closer shot of the water, so of course, Schondy hopped the fence and got a closer shot, too. The water would shoot up 15-20 feet in the air and make this crazy howling noise. The water shot out of the hole about every minute, so we have lots of pictures of this.

As we were leaving the Spouting Horn, Schondy pointed out the baby palm tree. He said I should go stand under it, but I knew we needed a picture of him, so I sent him instead.

Almost directly across the street from the Spouting Horn was the National Tropical Botanical Garden. We didn't really have any other plans, so we popped in for a few minutes. It was massively hot and we stuck mostly to the free McBryde Garden because the other gardens required reservations and whatnot. Schondy took lots of beautiful pictures of the amazing plants in the garden, but I really liked this one. This was a tree, but I'm not sure what kind of tree.

We went back to the hotel and changed into our swimsuits and parked ourselves at the pool with our books. We found this pool several days ago and it's not the one most of the people visited, so it was nice and quiet. After we got sufficiently toasted, we ended up going back to the shopping center and the Starbucks one more time. On our way, though, we walked through the neighboring resort's gardens, which are full of orchids. So here's a shot of some of the orchids at the Kiahuna Plantation Gardens.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel, but by then, the sun was setting. So after a little slipping and sliding on the rocks to get a better angle, Schondy took this beautiful shot of the sunset.

It's sad to know that our stay in Hawaii will be over when we get up in the morning, but I think we're both pretty much ready to go home. Our biggest challenge is going to be getting all our souvenirs home in our luggage. We're going to have to get creative with our packing. California, here we come!

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