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See? I promised. And I delivered.

Well, I did, in fact, promise to post a picture of myself once the 'rents had seen me. And I know that some of you have seen the pictures that they took of me when they were here. But here's something even better.

A couple weeks ago, I was chatting with the lovely ladies at the diet place about my success. One of them said I was a superstar and asked why I wasn't up on the wall of before-and-after pictures. I said it was because I hadn't had my "after" picture taken recently. So off we went to take a picture.

The next week, I walked in to the office and discovered that I was, in fact, now included on the before-and-after board. So I took a picture of my pictures :-). And here they are.

So what do you think?


You look great! Congratulations on all of your hard work!

I think you look AMAZING and I miss you!!!!

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