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Check Us Out!

Check out the pretty pictures!

Sometimes the randomest pictures on the whole trip are some of the best. We weren't too tired or too sick or squinting into the sun or anything, so this picture is probably one of my favorites. If we could cut out the silly mariachi man, I'm sure it would be even better. :-)

Later in the same day, we did a dune buggy tour of Progreso to some Mayan ruins, where the tour guides grabbed this shot of the two of us with my brother. They, of course, wanted a stupid amount of money for the picture, but I loved it, so I went ahead and got it. The original is a little blurry from the cheap printing, but I like it anyway.

We got a great group shot of the entire family, but Schondy and I wanted some pictures of just the two of us because things have changed a bit since our last formal cruise photos. So here's the one of both of us. The photographer was quite a character, but you have to admit that he did a beautiful job, no matter how nutty he was.

I made sure to tell the photographer to back up enough to get the shoes.

Well, internets, what do you think? Do I look better?... Why, yes, I AM fishing for compliments. I think I've earned them. :-)

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