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Holy Cow! I totally forgot!

Okay, so this morning, I was poking through my email and reading websites and generally checking in on the world and I happened across this little gem from The Fail Blog:

First of all, DON'T PANIC. No, I was not on either of those planes. I have not been injured or anything like that. But it did remind me of a little event that happened as Schondy and I were coming home from Mexico. I can't believe I forgot about this! It was crazy!

I know I said the trip home was totally smooth, but that was because I totally forgot about the thing that happened when we landed in Memphis. We were on this tiny little plane. It held, like, 45 people. It was teensy. Why is this important? Well, the wings on teensy little planes, when they land, are really close to the ground. I mean, when you're on a 777, the wings are, like, 7 feet off the ground. They go right over the people, the cars, the baggage carts and anything else that might be in its path.

So we were on this teensy plane, and I just happened to be watching out the window as we pulled into the gate. Since I'm used to being on the bigger planes, I was thinking the wings were way high off the ground like usual, and as we pulled in the gate and the baggage handlers were standing right there with their baggage cart, I didn't really think about it... Until we started getting closer to the people and they started moving out of the way of the wing and I realized the baggage cart was... not getting out of the way of the wing. The baggage cart was pushed up against a concrete barrier and couldn't be moved.

So the plane hit the baggage cart. The last 2 feet of the wing slid right in to the open side of the baggage cart, pushing the cart hard up against the concrete barrier, shaking the entire plane and completely surprising the baggage handlers who were standing RIGHT THERE! The pilot came on the speaker and told us we were just a foot or two shy of the ramp and that they'd have things sorted soon. I guessed that was... probably not true, because since I had the window seat, I had a great angle on the happenings.

I watched as the baggage handlers brought over their manager. And then that manager brought over his manager. And then that manager brought over the pilot. And the pilot brought over his manager and... well, you get the idea. They all poked at the damage (not major, but certainly not something you WANT happening to the leading edge of a wing), scratched their heads and generally stared at each other. At some point, they realized that perhaps this was not a good reason to keep the plane's passengers captive and they let us off the plane, ending our ogling of their shame.

So we were not hurt, we were never in any danger, and no one else was hurt or in any danger, though the baggage handlers may have been in danger of losing their jobs. And I'm reasonably sure that plane didn't fly anymore that day. It probably still isn't flying 2 weeks later. I wish I had a picture of the crazy, but you'll just have to imagine what it looked like. Oops.

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