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The Knitwit Papers, Chapter XVII: My So-called Ribbon Scarf

Date Begun: 05/02/08
Date Completed: 06/08/2008
Yarn: Tess' Designer Yarns Microfiber Ribbon in Blue
Needles: US6 Circular (metal)
Source: My So-Called Scarf from Imagiknit
The Story:
Let me start by saying that I H-A-T-E these pictures. They don't show the scarf off very well and I look terrible. I really need to take new pictures, but... I suppose I'm lazy. Anyway. This was one of those projects that I felt like I had to do not because I wanted to, but because I needed to use this yarn that was so expensive and pretty, but basically unusable for any kind of "reasonable" project.

I bought the yarn at Stitches a couple years ago kind of on a whim. It was very, very pretty and so very soft to touch. I absolutely fell in love with it and bought two skeins, thinking I'd figure out some amazing thing to make with it. Cut to a year later, when I still hadn't figured it out. Adding to the difficulty was the fact that this stuff is CRAZY slippery. Yes, it's really soft, but when you pick it up, it just slides through your fingers. And I knit on metal needles almost exclusively, so I knew this was going to be a very long adventure in hand cramps as I tried to keep the yarn on the needles.

Faced with this gorgeous, expensive, slippery yarn and no idea what to make, I hit the internet, hoping for inspiration, and found the "My So-Called Scarf". It looked like it would be good for showing off the color and drape of the yarn without being overly complicated or fiddly for this stuff that was going to be hard to work with no matter what. And I'm reasonably pleased with the result. The scarf has a tendency to sag under its own weight and I'm sure that with extended wear, it will eventually start to fray at the ends, but it's really soft and has a great feel. Sadly, it only used half the yarn, so I have another whole skein that needs to be worked.

Anyone else have any great ideas for what to do with it? I'm tapped...

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