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The Knitwit Papers, Chapter XIX: Hope's Fingerless Gloves

Date Begun: 07/27/2008
Date Completed: 08/02/2008
Yarn: Moda Dea Cartwheel in Bronzeberry
Needles: US8 DPN (metal)
Source: My own pattern - Hope's Fingerless Gloves
The Story:
Hey, Imler? You were totally right - as Schondy told you in the comments, there is, in fact, exactly the community you thought there must be. And I'm a card-carrying member. :-)

Turns out I'm not as odd as you might think for this knitting thing. Turns out there are thousands (potentially millions) of us in the world - normal, young, happy people who use knitting as a way to unwind, relax and make something useful in the process. And there is an online community for us, too. It's called Ravelry and it's probably the website I visit most often. The best part about Ravelry (and I HIGHLY recommend that if you're a knitter or a crocheter, you should join Ravelry) is that you can search for patterns, for yarn or for projects using a particular combination of yarn and needles on a particular pattern. It means you're not just guessing what might happen if you knit a sweater out of dog hair. There's probably someone else who's already tried it and can tell you what might happen. I spend stupid amounts of time at this website.

Within Ravelry, there are hundreds of different sub-groups of people. You're welcome to join any group that strikes your fancy, so if you're interested in chatting with people about dachshunds or chocolate or the phases of the moon or you're really crazy about knitting cabled things or... well, just about anything, there's probably a group out there. One of my favorite groups that I'm a member of (I've joined 35 of them) is the Caffeine Addicts. This particular group has a "swap" every few months, where everyone gets the name and home address of one other member and then we send little packages of goodies to each other. It's cheesy, I know, but it's a great way to get new and interesting coffee, yarn and knitting toys that you never thought of before.

ANYwho. A few months ago, one of these "Yarn and Coffee Swaps" happened and the instructions were to send along some coffee or tea (on account of tea having caffeine, too) from an interesting source, some stitch markers and a handmade item of some sort. It's common, when doing a swap, to "stalk" your partner to figure out some personal things about them in addition to whatever standard questions are asked in the questionnaire (name, address, what is your favorite color, what kind of coffee do you like). My partner had a dog, lived in a part of the country where it gets cold and seemed to be my age or younger. So I made up this pattern based on some previous projects I'd done (notably the fingerless gloves I originally made for Schondy) and used the cabling skills I got from another project that I'm working on.

And this is the result. I love, love, love the yarn, but have been completely unable to find it since I got the two skeins for this project (though I haven't given up hope just yet - eBay to the rescue). It comes in beautiful colors and it was absolutely perfect for what I was going for. If making them again, I might omit the portion of the cable that goes across the palm. I wrote up the directions partly for me, but partly for the girl who received the gift. She asked me to write up the pattern because other people saw the ones I made and asked for some of their own. So as soon as I have the pattern in a form that's readable by people other than me, I plan to post it here.

You can also see the stitch markers I made to include in the gift. She said she really liked ocean/earth colors and that was my interpretation of what she might like.

Update March 3, 2009: I posted my pattern to Ravelry and people liked it! Hooray for me!

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The gloves are very cute, I hope you get the pattern out soon. I copied six pages and figured out the pattern wasn't there. I guess next time I will look before I print. It did say free pattern so I guess I just took it for granted it would be there. Hope to recieve it soon. Donna

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