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Yipes! Stripes!

(with apologies to both Fruit Stripe gum and Biscuits and Jam)

Schondy and I were out walking the dog a couple weeks ago and there was a woman also out walking. We got stopped at an intersection, where I noticed the scarf she was wearing. It was fascinating - it started out with just flat stripes on the ends, done in several colors, and then gradually switched so it was these really deep zigzag chevrons. So as soon as I got home, I started poking around online to see if I could find a pattern for something like that.

A couple hours and many, many fruitless searches later, I gave up. But in my searching, I ran across some other websites I'd seen before, including Biscuits and Jam, where you can select a set of colors and stripe widths and then get back a randomly generated list of colors. This comes in really handy for those of us who knit and need some inspiration on how wide to make stripes.

Well, I poked at it for a little while, but discovered there were a few little things I wanted it to do that it just wouldn't do. I tried cracking her website open to get at the code (I assume it's a woman, but I suppose I really don't know), but decided I just didn't feel right stealing her hard work, and thought that I could write something that would do what I wanted without using someone else's work.

So, I wrote my own. Presenting: The Peanut Gallery's very own Random Stripe Generator. I suppose if you're not a knitter or otherwise crafty person, this holds very little interest for you. But for me? I could sit there, hitting "Randomize All" all day and not get bored. And if you find one you really like - a color combo that just really works for you and you'd like to share it - grab the color list and email it to me. If you suggest a name for the color set, I'll put it in the dropdown so you (and everyone else) can get back to it.

Oh, and in case you were wondering - yes, the header really does regenerate randomly every time you load the page. :-) Because I could.

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