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The Knitwit Papers, Chapter XXV: A Hat Fit for Me

Date Begun: 12/31/2008
Date Completed: 01/02/2009
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool in Winter White
Needles: US7 DPN (metal)
Source: A Hat Fit for a Boyfriend from Stephanie Knits
The Story:
This hat was the second try to keep my ears warm while walking the dog. As I posted before, attempt #1 failed miserably, mostly because I have a small head and that pattern was not designed for people with small heads. I could probably adjust the gauge and try again on that one, but who has the patience for doing the same pattern over and over? (Hint: Not Me.)

The top of this one was really intriguing and I wanted to know how it was done, so this was to become my dog-walking hat. This seemed like a reasonably simple task, and the top of the hat was actually much simpler than it appeared (hooray for simple things that look complicated!). Turns out it's a good thing I was working on this over the holiday break because I ended up needing the extra time to undo and redo the top for a grand total of three, yes, THREE completions of this hat. Why would a person do that, you ask?

Well, turns out that this particular pattern was designed to cover only the tops of the wearer's ears. I know it says that quite plainly in the pattern, but I wasn't really prepared for just how little of my ears were covered. And since the whole point of this exercise was to keep my ears warm, well, that meant I needed to modify the hat to fit my needs.

So the first try gave me a hat that was 5.5". WAAAAAAY too short.

Try number two gave me a hat that was 6". Ears partially covered, but only if I don't move my head... ever.

Try number three was the charm - 7".

The really obnoxious part of all this undoing and redoing was that this hat was knit from the bottom to the top, meaning that I did all the easy bits - the part closest to my face first. So when I say I had to keep trying, what that means is that I did the top of the hat 3 times. I am now excruciatingly aware of exactly how the top of that hat went together. And while it was a relatively simple thing to do, I don't really relish the idea of repeating that little exercise any time soon. So if you want a hat like this one, I'm happy to do it, but please tell me ahead of time just how much of your ears you want covered. :-)

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