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September 25, 2009

...and a partridge in a pear tree

Hello! Bet you thought I'd never come back, huh? Well, believe me when I say I've told myself roughly a bazillion times that I should be posting to my blog. It's not necessarily that I've been terribly busy. I mean I have, but I took last week off from work to recover from the crazy busy I've been having. And it's not like I've had nothing to say. Because there's been plenty going on in the land of here.

I just... I suppose I couldn't really figure out what to say. Couldn't talk about work because, well, you know why. Couldn't talk about knitting because I've been working. Couldn't talk about home because there's not been much to tell on account of... I've been at work. But then I took the week off, and I wasn't working, but I was recharging and I still didn't know what to say. But now! I have something to say!

ANYway. So last week, Schondy and I took the week off. We needed it. We didn't go anywhere. Didn't do anything all that spectacular. We just stayed home, watched some TV, did a little shopping, etc. And finally, FINALLY, after 3 years of threatening to do so, we bought a new couch. I KNOW, right? I've complained for 3 years about how that sectional just wasn't right for this house, so last week, we finally did something about it. Hooray!

And because it was funny, we made a list of all the things we found under the old couch when we moved it. We didn't take any pictures of what we found or anything because, ew, but we were also pleased not to find anything too disgusting, either. So without further ado:

  • 3 cat toy mice
  • 1 purple pen with a bent tip
  • 1 voided check from last year
  • 1 knitting stitch marker
  • 1 rubber band
  • 1 clothing tag
  • 1 CD case
  • 1 tortilla chip
  • 1 cabinet door bumper (you know - the little rubber thing)
  • part of a "pork rollup" dog treat
  • 1 Cheerio
  • 2 cardboard pull tabs from Amazon boxes
  • 1 black pen
  • 1 tube of lip gloss
  • 1 bead
  • 1 raisin
  • a huge pile of dust, feathers and fur

Sadly, the one thing missing from this list? Money. We found no money in our couch cushions. What are the odds, I ask you?

So here's the before and after. What do you think?