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Cute Overload!

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the blurry images. 5-year-old Point-and-Shoot camera + wiggly baby = blurry pictures. She was just so happy and it was kind of dark in the room. Oops.

ANYway. So a few months ago, Sapphire and Xippi had a baby. She is now 4 months old and just beginning to figure out a number of very important things: what hands are for, how to blow bubbles and that squealing and/or babbling will garner much attention. On Friday, we all went out to dinner together and then Sapphire, Xippi and Little One came back to the house, where we sat around chatting and introducing Little One to menagerie that owns me and Schondy (Miles, Deliah and Lulu).

When that got boring (for the animals, not us. I mean, who gets bored of babies squealing at cats?), I went and found my most recent finished knitting project - a WWII Watch Cap - and plopped it on Little One's head. She didn't really care, but we all thought it was quite possibly the cutest thing we'd ever seen, so pictures ensued. I didn't want to keep flashing in her face, so I turned off the flash, but there clearly just wasn't enough light to make the camera happy.

But I promised my mother I'd get some pictures posted, so here they are. :-)

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These pictures are so cute! the hat goes so well with the overalls! Thanks for posting these.

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