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...and baby makes 6

Well, kids, it would appear I've gone and gotten myself a little bit "with child" (I KNOW! Can you believe it!?). As of this post, I'm 10 weeks along, due at the end of October.

Schondy and I are very, very happy, though we do alternate between moments of "Holy cow! What were we thinking!?" and moments of "This is so awesome!" I personally alternate between moments of "I have so much to do! and 6 months goes by so fast!" and "Relax! You still have 6 months!"

So, um, yeah. Not much else to say except:







(and if you're wondering how I arrived at 6, well, Miles, Deliah and Lulu were here first.)

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Congratulations Marianne & Adam!!!! We are SOOOooooooooooooo excited about your news. We look forward to more pics. May your pregnacy be a healthy and happy experience. Children are such a blessing!!! Love to both
Aunt Linda and Uncle Al

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