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Yep, still pregnant.

...and if you look closely at the pictures, you can even see it a little bit. I can't say I've progressed much in any category of baby preparedness, other than the expanding waistline category. I have purchased a crib and have a lead on a matching changing table and children's wardrobe, though I'm still completely at a loss as to where I might park these things in the house once they are acquired.

We went to the doctor on the 16th and heard the baby's heartbeat through the doppler - a healthy 152 beats per minute, though at this stage all that tells us is that there's still a baby in there and it seems to be healthy. (Wives' tales don't have much to say about heartbeat speeds this early on.)

I've now completed my first trimester, which means most books and websites tell me I've entered what is commonly called the "golden phase" of my pregnancy. Whew! That just makes all the nausea this morning and the slowly-growing heartburn of this evening just melt right away! So glad the books think I feel better!

But seriously. I do feel better. I'm sleeping again. A lot. And I have mostly figured out how to fight off the nausea (eat every hour, on the hour, it doesn't matter what, just eat). Schondy has gotten no end of entertainment from my newfound ability to completely mangle a sentence if I'm not paying close attention to what I'm saying.

Sample from a few weeks ago, in March, one week before my knitting class:
"Yeah, I'm going to next weekend to the knitting expo. It happens every year in September."

Sample from this afternoon:
"I'd like to find a book that will tell me how to get a baby to sleep through the bed."

I've always said that when I got pregnant, I was going to tell the doctor to please skip the lobotomy that apparently happens to some women after they get pregnant. As Schondy (not so delicately) pointed out today, it would appear that particular "feature" of pregnancy is not optional and is, in fact, chemically induced by the baby before you even realize it's happened. Who knew!?




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