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It's a pony! I mean...

Wait. Maybe not. It's definitely a baby. That's for sure. We just returned from our 19-week ultrasound, the one where they tell you if you got an innie or an outie (so to speak). Schondy wanted to know, but I didn't, so we compromised. He now knows, but he's forbidden from telling anyone, including me. :) So you'll find out in 4 1/2 months which it is - at the same time I do, assuming Schondy makes it that far.

It's been kind of busy around here lately, picking up furniture for the baby and generally nesting a bit. We've been trying very hard to make this as economically and ecologically gentle as possible. So far all our large baby purchases have been of the "gently-used" secondhand variety, including the crib, changing table and the co-sleeper. I've found that I really enjoy the thrill of the hunt on Craigslist and highly recommend that route if you have something expensive you want to buy and don't have to have it right away. I got both the crib and the changing table for half-price and you really can't even tell they've ever been touched at all. You'd swear I bought them new.

So now that the big purchases are mostly behind us (car seat and a couple other larger things still to come), Schondy and I have started getting a little crafty. I've been knitting up a storm on a baby blanket. Hope to have that finished before Mom and Dad come to visit in a couple months so I can impress them with my skillz (Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!). After that, I have a pile of other knitted things in the queue. Part of me wants this baby to wait until I'm done knitting before it makes its appearance, but I'm not sure I really want to be pregnant until 2012. I guess I"m just really glad this is a winter baby so no one will think I'm crazy for making lots of knitted things for it.

I've also come up with a handful of sewing projects I'm planning to work on - some embroidered onesies and a homemade "hooter hider" - and I've been hard at work converting my mostly-free maternity pants from low-panel style to full-panel style.

After our visit to the Maker Faire a couple weeks ago, Schondy has gotten to feeling all inspired and is contemplating a new hobby as a screen printer. I think that sounds like a great idea because every baby needs custom onesies, right?

So, um... yeah. Pictures. We all know that's really why you're here.






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