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Time does march on, doesn't it?

Somehow, while I was away... working or something, I passed into the realm of "very pregnant". Not sure when it happened, but it did. Last week, Schondy turned to me and said, "you know, it's probably about time for us to get organized." Smart man, that husband of mine. And he's totally right. Now that we've gotten some other activities out of the way, that's exactly the plan - to get organized. 'Cuz it's time.

Last weekend was the Art & Wine Festival in our town. It's held on the main road about 1/4 mile from our house and it's where I usually do a lot of holiday and birthday shopping. I know that the things I get from there are pretty much guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind and unique since most of it is handmade. Schondy fell in love with the blocks from The Village Blocksmith and decided the baby needed a set of blocks... but I know who they're really for (Hint: not the baby - its father). But they are very beautiful and fun to fiddle with.

This weekend, Schondy and I went to Lake Tahoe to see a good friend of mine get married. It was a beautiful wedding - very short, but beautiful - and neither of us had ever been to Tahoe, so it was nice to go someplace neither of us had been before. I think we'd both like to go back some time when we're not on a super-tight schedule and I'm not 8 months pregnant. We've both gotten in the habit of listening to audiobooks on our various commutes and when one of us has a lot of walking to do when the other isn't around. While we drove to and from Tahoe, we listed to Stuff, a book about hoarding. We tried to find a fiction book we could agree on, but we realized this was in both our wishlists, so clearly that was a sign. Very interesting read/listen if you find yourself with a long drive ahead of you.

This coming weekend, we have plans to finally do some of that "getting organized" thing that's all the rage these days. We have no further outings planned in the next few months - we do have other friends getting married October 23, but will probably decline that invitation. I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful and I'm quite bummed we can't go, but it's about an hour away from home at the other end of a really nasty bit of highway. I'm totally game for going, but somehow we just don't think that's a good idea. <Sadness>

Except for the never-ending treadmill of work, I really don't know that there's anything else going on in our world. The most exciting thing I can think of is the cake I baked yesterday to address the bunch of beets (!) that appeared in last week's produce box. I'd read somewhere that beets made for an amazing chocolate cake and decided to give it a go since the beets were unlikely to be used any other way. Turns out that anything combined with enough sugar, flour and eggs can be made tasty. It's not the most glorious cake I've ever made, but it was made from scratch and with love and neither of us spit it out when we tasted it. Should another pile of beets show up on my doorstep, I'll know what to do. I'd love to have another opportunity to practice.



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