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I'll let you know when it happens. Really. I promise.

I think the title says it all on THAT topic.

So I've been nesting again. Or maybe I've just been bored. Amounts to the same thing these days, now that I'm on maternity leave. As I suspected, I'm only doing moderately well with the whole waiting thing. I've been driving Schondy crazy. He's bearing it well, but I know the waiting is rough on him too.

To pass the time, I've gotten all crafty again. It was inevitable, I suppose. Among knitters, the lore goes that the baby won't be born until the last knitted thing for them is finished. If that's the case, well, I know why this baby is taking its time - I keep picking up new projects. Some of them are knitted, some aren't, but I thought that would a good way to show you what I've been up to recently (aside from serving the baby every kind of eviction notice I can come up with).

Since my last crafty post, I've completed a number of interesting things. I won't bore you with all of them, but here's the highlights:

Percival Long Dog was pretty entertaining to work on and I'm pleased with the result, though if I had it to do over again, I'd probably use smaller needles so the stuffing wouldn't show quite as much. You can't tell from the pictures (Thanks, Schondy!), but the weave is a little more open than I'd generally prefer. Oh, well. The baby probably won't notice.

Because you can never have too many long dogs in the house

He might be French, but who can say for sure?

This isn't necessarily for the baby - it's for me, really - but it's cute and I'm sure that if it lasts until the baby is old enough to care, he/she will like it, too. Since I lost all that weight, I've had a devil of a time keeping my feet warm in bed, so I decided to go the old school route and get a hot water bottle. Now that I'm pregnant, that hasn't been so much an issue, but the heat has done wonders for the various other aches and pains I've been battling. This also makes a killer iPad cover, but I'm not so sure I'm going to go out in public with it like that.

Looks deceptively like a cuddly toy...

...a sloshy, heated cuddly toy, to be exact.

There have actually been a couple of these that I've done. From the Mason-Dixon Knitting book, a great book for functional, hard-wearing patterns, came the Baby Bib O' Love. It has the best quote on the pattern, "...Make a bunch of 'em. Babies are a mess!" So I've obliged. This is actually the third one I've done (I gave one of them away) and it's been great to have something that I can crank through so quickly that's actually useful.

The colors are actually kind of chocolatey, not as dark/black as they look in the picture.

I do have a couple knitting projects on the needles right now, but they're things that take a bit longer. I mentioned before that we spent some time at the Art & Wine Festival in town a few weeks ago and, of course, we found all kinds of cute things that we really liked, but were either too expensive or just not... right. So when I needed some more "instant" gratification than my knitting projects were providing, I decided to recreate a few of those items. One of those things was a tie-dyed onesie that Schondy really liked, but that they didn't have in a small enough size. I did a little research and found out how to do that particular dye pattern and here's the result. They're not fancy, but I think they're pretty good for a first try. Don't think I've tie-dyed anything since 4-H camp a million years ago and I made a huge mess in the process, but I sure had fun. Highly recommend it if you're looking for something crafty to do.

The blue was a little wussy, but the black and red turned out great!

Also at the Art & Wine Festival was this seller with the most adorable baby blankets I'd ever seen. Each one used a couple contrasting fabrics on the front and back and then had animals appliqued on both sides - usually a turtle on the front and a hippo on the back or something like that. But the one I fell in love with was just simple birds on a checkered background with another bird on the back. Unfortunately, she was a little more proud of her work than I was willing to pay ($$$!), so I passed, though I came really, really, really close to caving. So a couple days ago, I made my own version. Love the way it came out, though there are definitely things I'll do differently when/if I attempt this again.

You can't see it very well, but the birds are all sitting on a wire...

The one on the back is, of course, the one that turned out the best.

And finally, the pictures you really came here to see, me, at ever increasing size, including today's shot, where I'm officially 40+ weeks. Forgive the funny expression on my face - I'd just woken up from a nap.




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