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Photo Extravaganza!

<ahem> SOMEone informed me that I didn't have to post any words, so long as I post some pictures of how I look now that I'm eyeballing the finish line in this grand marathon I've been running for the last almost 9 months. So in the interest of fulfilling that wish, here's a whole pile of pictures. And almost no words.

My co-workers threw a huge baby shower for us on Thursday and were so incredibly generous. Because the shower was outside, there was much squinting going on and the lighting was... well, this is California, so it was bright. But a few of the pictures are blog-worthy. The rest I will ceremonially burn so no one is ever subjected to their awfulness.

Baby's first laptop, courtesy of one of my managers

Some adorable books by Mo Willems, courtesy of a co-worker

Check out that belly! No wonder everyone watches me nervously.

The enormous pile of gifts from my shower went the whole length of the bar. All the bags are full. They really, really, really went crazy, but I know how much fun it can be to shop for babies, and I'm eternally gratefully for their generosity and kindness.

When we got all the gifts home, there was, of course, much packaging lying around. Lulu was particularly interested in the Boppy package, so we, of course, put her in it. She was confused.


And then there's me. What you all really wanted to see. We were kind-of-sort-of-half-way hoping to have the baby today - 10/10/10 - but as the date approached, we realized that we'd both be quite happy with waiting 3 or 4 more weeks. There are plenty of other interesting dates before us, including 10/20/2010 (our 9th wedding anniversary) or even 11/11/10, though in reality, I might consider serving an eviction notice before that.




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