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12 weeks! And a Sleeping Baby

I can't believe it, but here we are. SchondyTot is 12 weeks old. He's discovered his hands and sucks on them noisily - especially when he's hungry. He loves crinkly toys and walking the dog.

He thinks it's his personal mission every bathtime to make sure I get drenched, too, and then protests loudly and with much gusto when we pull him out of the bath to put on his pajamas.

On Friday, he rolled over from his front to his back - we're convinced it's because he just hates tummy time that much. Today he spent 10 minutes pondering the receiving blanket I had in the car. And when we sing to him, he will occasionally "agoo" along with us between smiles.

I didn't win last week's photo challenge, but the winning photo was truly awesome so I don't feel so bad. This week's photo challenge was for a sleeping baby. Here's my entry:

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