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Chaos reigns

...mostly because I'm back at work and SchondyTot is now in daycare 3 days a week. I didn't get to do last week's photo challenge (Upsidedown) because I just couldn't get it all moving in the right direction. And this week's photo challenge is to do something "out and about". We'll see if I can figure something out there, too. Since I'm at work until 5 or 5:30, it's awfully tough to get out during the evenings and the challenge runs from Sunday to Saturday night. Maybe I can do a late entry Saturday morning, but that's pretty much my only option. <Sigh> Never enough time.

For Valentine's Day, the wonderful Schondy gave me a gift certificate to one of the few specialty shops that combines my current two crafty obsessions - knitting and quilting - The Bobbin's Nest, AND he gave me a beautiful caffeine necklace from moecularmuse. Does he know me well or what!?

SchondyTot's growing so fast. Here he is in the Exersaucer, shocked to discover that there's a cow there!

And here he is with Grandmama (and Granddaddy in the background) when we traveled home to visit a couple weeks ago.

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