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In case you needed proof

that I am insane, I made a quilt. I started it when TheSchondyTot was just shy of 11 weeks old and finished it on Thursday when he was just shy of 16 weeks old. Because clearly what every new mother needs is a project the size of a quilt to work on while she's learning to take care of her infant. On an impulse, I bought a quilt kit that was on clearance, thinking I'd use the fabric to dress up some burp cloths, but then realized that I've always said I wanted to make a quilt and, well, no time like the present.

I worked on it primarily after he went to bed, even going so far as to move my sewing machine and all the required parts and pieces down to the kitchen table so I wouldn't make noise near the sleeping baby and so I could hang out with Schondy while he played video games. I took very few pictures of it in progress, but I did capture the blocks while I was still trying to figure out how they should all fit together.

It's far from perfect. Far, far, far from perfect, and I daresay any serious quilters would be horrified at some of the decisions I made and some of my ham-fisted attempts at artistic elements, but this is the first quilt I've ever made and I think it's pretty good given all the extenuating circumstances.

When I was done with the top and needed to pick fabric for the back, I took scraps of all the different designs of the front and pieced them together to make a "swatch" that I could take with me to the fabric store. Partly because I didn't want to lug around that huge top and partly because I just liked the idea of a little block made from all the random scraps. When I was done with my swatch and after I'd picked out the back, I just fell in love with it and knew I needed to use it for something. I had a million ideas - make a pillow, make a wall hanging, make a bag, save it and combine it with others to make another quilt. Ultimately, I decided it would look really nice to put it in the middle of the back. This meant that I had to then piece the back together patchwork-style, but I think the result is really nice.

And just because I think it's a requirement to photograph any finished crafty project with the youngest critter in easy reach, gratuitous baby photos!!

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