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5 months

By some strange occurrence, my baby boy has reached the ripe old age of 5 months. I'm not sure how that happened, only that he's glorious and adorable and I can't believe what a person he is. He's beginning to sit on his own, though not for long and if you leave him there too long, he kind of slumps forward and ends up with his head between his feet. While yoga instructors might be thrilled with that position, he's not sure how to extricate himself and just gets frustrated. He's rolling back-to-front, though he's still having trouble with getting that one arm out of the way. And he's beginning to figure out how to really make use of the doorway jumper, which he hurtles around in at top speed while squealing in glee at the top of his lungs. There's an awesome HD video of him doing this over at my MobileMe gallery (Sorry - I'm not going to post a link. Trying to keep things as anonymous as possible. Email me if you don't know where my gallery is).

I've started work on SchondyTot's quilt. I'm now in the final phase of piecing together the top, where I actually have to make some decisions about final size and placement of things. This is the exciting part, but also the part that scares me. It's where it becomes obvious if you've lined up all the seam allowances right and cut all the previous pieces the right size. If you cut corners (pun intended) earlier, this is where that bill will come due. Otherwise, I'm working, driving back and forth to daycare what feels like a hundred times a day and trying desperately to keep up with life.

I haven't been able to participate in the last couple photo-of-the-week challenges due to my work schedule and not having enough hours in the day where we're all here, all happy (and not sick) and all awake, but I do have a couple to share, as well as some just random adorableness, of which there's no short supply.

So 3 weeks ago, the theme was Water Babies and.. I won!!

Since I won the week, the theme of the next week was my choice and I chose to feature Chew Toys! A lot of the babies in the group are now teething, and all of them have discovered the joys of cramming things in their mouths, so I felt like it was perfect timing, but then life happened and I just couldn't catch a picture that worked, beginning my streak of not having an entry, though I now have a couple photos that would have been perfect if they'd happened a bit sooner. For the most part, I can usually fulfill the challenge on Monday when I'm home all day with SchondyTot, but if I miss it on Monday, it's just not going to happen. So, had I taken the photo earlier, this would have been my entry for Chew Toys:

Last week, the theme was All Dressed Up. Missed that one, too, but I have several outfits that are needing some photos so I'm going to take the pictures and post them even if they're totally at the wrong time and don't count.

This week, Flying Baby. SchondyTot doesn't fly around too much, though it's more because he's so heavy than because he doesn't like it (he loves it). If I manage to catch one today, I'll enter it and it will be super late (the week ends on Saturday night, winner and new theme announced late on Sunday), but more likely I'll take a picture today and then won't actually post it. That's kind of what keeps happening to me.

So. Random cuteness!

Love my Grandmama and my new shades


Oh, hello!

Mom got a new carrier.

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