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July 22, 2012

4th of July and Hawaii, Toddler Style

So Schondy Tot is 21 months old, loves green beans (beaneans) and pineapple (mylapple), squeals every time he sees a bus, train or a helicopter (hehpocter) and loves to point out birds (ah-ahs) and dogs (dog-dog ooooooooooh) when we walk down the street. He constantly sings Happy Birthday, especially if someone mentions cake.


We went to Hawaii. Just me, Schondy and Schondy Tot with my parents. Schondy Tot hasn't gotten to spend nearly enough time with his grandparents to the point that we were worried he'd never know any of them. So when an opportunity arose to go with them on a little mini family vacation, we jumped at the chance. And it was a wonderful, lovely trip with lots of amazing adventures (and some less so, but that which doesn't kill us...). We turned off our phones, left laptops at home and just enjoyed watching Schondy Tot truly meet his grandparents (both of whom are now called "Ganommy", btw).

It was a beautiful trip, though travel with an almost 2-year-old is definitely not for the faint-hearted. He got to point at the fish (pish) and turtles (teetuhls) in the tanks at the Maui Ocean Center and the Rainforest Zoo.



He chased the peacocks (biiiiig ah-ahs) at the Rainforest Zoo.

Smart bird.

He swam in the ocean and zoomed around a coffee plantation near Hilo.

Mo wata, mama.

Pause for breath before our next adventure

He chatted with Ganommy Hat on the steps at the Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory.


And after soaking in every moment of Lu'au Kalamaku in Kauai, he passed out.

Passed out.

Incredibly glad to be home, but we had an amazing trip.