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Happy Hollow!

There's a kiddie amusement park/zoo about 6 miles from our house. We've never been for a variety of reasons. Until yesterday. Some friends were going, so I tagged along with SchondyTot and left Schondy home with BabyTuesday. We had soooo much fun. And it was so good to spend some Mommy time with SchondyTot. I know he's missed me.


He was absolutely in love with the goats. He kept grabbing their tails and then would shriek and dance when they flicked him away.


Then he went on the frog jumper ride ALONE! I swear that kid has no fear. I could have ridden on it with him if we'd waited, but he promised me he'd be fine, so I went with it. And he was great! Scared, maybe, but he totally didn't show it (much).

Frog Hopper

The rest of the rides were pretty tame.

Fire Trucks

Ridin' the "Broccoli"

He really wanted to go on the roller coaster, but the line was long and it was HOT, so when we were about 10 people from the front of the line, he melted and just wanted me to hold him. We'd been out in the sun a long time. I threw him in the Boba and went to get ice cream instead.

It was so nice to be reminded how much I adore him.

And making his blog debut because I've been really awful about updating: BabyTuesday!!

This is why I call my boys "Tank" and "Dozer". This is Tank. He'll be 5 months on Thursday.

Crushing the baby seat

Yesterday while I was gone, he rolled from his front to his back. It begins!

For reference, here's Dozer at almost exactly the same age.

Bouncin' at 5 months

If SchondyTot is our mover, BabyTuesday will be our talker.

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