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Here're a few things I've done in the way of artwork. Most of it's just playing around with Adobe Photoshop, and not that great, but I like to think some of it is.

I've done some other stuff lately with actually drawing (this is a big achievement for me.) I'll put that stuff on here too, once I get around to scanning it.

He's Got Your Feet! This was my first experiment in actually setting out to accomplish something in Photoshop. I decided I had this wonderful picture of Ben's head, and I needed to paste it on something. Looking at it now, I know much better ways of accomplishing that, but this is from my early years.
Van Al I was in my Van Gough period when I made this one. Well, actually I was new to Photoshop and was playing with filters. Whatever the reson for making it, it's a "Starry Night" version of a picture of Alejandro Icaza I took freshman year.
Herb and Ball With Ducks Just what is sounds like, Herb and Ball with a bunch of ducks. At the time, Herb was realizing that if one duck can exist in all points of the multiverse, they can make only one and sell it an infinite number of times. I thought the idea was silly, but they apparently sold it to some Douglas Adams character for a free dinner at First Wok.
Devil Meets Angel This is the first one that I really worked on seriously. At the time I was in need of a background and inspiration hit while I was looking at the amazingly opposing pictures of two of my favorite singers, Meridith Brooks, and Natalie Imbruglia.
Have You Made Your Backup Today? I made this little picture at my boss's suggestion. He said we should have a sign outside the helpdesk to remind users to backup their files. I think this gets the point across.
Red Shit I made this label for the pitcher of red Kool-Aid Svesko and I always had in our dorm fridge. The picure is from we were first goofing around with my webcam. (Yes, that's Svesko.) I can't help but think it's similar to the Jones Soda labels.
Maybe I'm due for some luck This is a little collage I made before I did everything in Photoshop. (I actually cut the images out of a magazine and pasted them together.) Part of this image was used in my later creation Free Medical Sample.
Free Medical Sample This is a tape cover I made for an Oasis compilation Scott made for me. You kind of have to visualize how it would fold.
The Burning Qwert I was just playing around with a runic font I downloaded. All I did was add the crackelesque-look and the fire. It looks so cool, you'd never guess that it just said "qwert".
The Octagram While reading Terry Pratchett's Discworld series I started wondering what an octagram would look like. (In Discworld, 8 is the magic number). I usually get funny looks when I have this as my background.
The Burning Octagram The same octagram as above, but with fire.
Omoikane Background #1 When I got my new laptop (a Sony Picturebook) I decided to name it Omoikane, the computer of the battleship Nadesico. This is one of the backgrounds I made for it. This background features Ruri Hoshino, the main operator of Omoikane in the anime.
Omoikane Background #2 The second background I made for my laptop. This one shows the Nadesico overlayed on the tree which represents the self-aware part of Omoikane.
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